PsiOp Radio 146 – 110605

5 06 2011

“Death of America” edition of PsiOp Radio

We Can Dance / We Can Travel – If We Want To !!!

Nazi Blue-Shirts in the Jefferson Memorial

NEW BLOG POST: Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave …
Dancing protesters return to Jefferson Memorial in DC to challenge court decision, arrests
Dance turned into a federal offense

The Death of America

NEW BLOG POST: Look Up, Hannah
Senator Rand Paul slams GOP for blocking efforts to amend PATRIOT Act
Ron Paul House Floor Speech: Republic Almost Completely Dead
The Murder of America By The Hijacked Federal Government
“We’re on the verge of a great, great Depression …”

AusTex News

North America’s water fluoridation debate: Battleground Austin
Biggest storm system in years hits Dallas-Fort Worth

Border War News

28 dead, 700 flee as gang battles hit west Mexico

TSA Abuse

The Audacity of Grope: TSA’s New Pat-Down
The TSA Is Messing With Texans
TSA Harasses Two Texas Wounded Veterans at Airport with War Shrapnel in their Bodies
Wimmer wants to stop TSA searches
Abolish The TSA, And Let The Markets Protect Passengers
TSA Sexually Assaults My Mother
PSI-OP TV: Come and Take It, TSA – Austin, Texas, 6/4/11
Special session draws in protests (Video)
Rallies cross spectrum at Capitol
Simpson’s Crusade Against Government is a Lonely One
A G.O.P. Legislator Ardently Conservative, God-Fearing and Not a Team Player
Video: Rally Against TSA “Intrusive Screening” by Justin Dehn
A G.O.P. Legislator Ardently Conservative, God-Fearing and Not a Team Player
Lawmakers may revisit airport pat downs – AUSTIN (KXAN)
Austin News – David Scott – ‎Jun 3, 2011‎
Texas TSA pat down ban may be back
TSA’s Worst Nightmare Continues: Phil Mocek Now Suing for Civil Rights Violations
Tiny Payout In TSA Breast Exposure Lawsuit
Texas woman, 24, was paid $2350 to settle airport frisking claim
Legislators seek curbs on airport screens
Web Extra: Protesters at Texas Capitol, May 25, 2011 –
A crowd of people yell “criminals” inside the Capitol in protest of the failure of the anti-groping bill which is about TSA body checks at airports.
Protesters at the Capitol –
Crowds spoke out loudly in protest of the failure of the anti-groping bill in the Texas Capitol Wednesday.
Alex Jones Storms The Capitol – Texas Tribune
May 25, 2011 Talk show host Alex Jones gathered a group to protest the Texas Senates so-called TSA “groping” bill.

Pre-Crime: “Malintent”

DHS Video: FAST, Future Attribute Screening Technology
Big Sis Pre-Crime System to Scan Americans For “Malintent”
Terrorist ‘pre-crime’ detector field tested in United States

Police State

There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says
The Changing Face of the Police and the Death of the Fourth Amendment by John W. Whitehead
18 Signs That Life In U.S. Public Schools Is Now Essentially Equivalent To Life In U.S. Prisons
Detained for photography in Baltimore
Another Psychopathic SWAT Raid
Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America
Florida Governor Orders MANDATORY Drug Testing By Executive Order! Alan Grayson Responds
Embedding YouTube Videos May Soon Be a Felony
A man is arrested for reporting a complaint to the police

Marijuana News

Dutch government clamps down on marijuana ‘coffee houses’
Former world leaders say decriminalizing marijuana worth trying

The Return of Debtors Prisons

In prison for debt
Welcome to Debtors’ Prison, 2011 Edition
In jail for being in debt

JFK Headlines


Death by Smart Meter

The People vs. Oncor
The Smart Meter Rebellion
WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk (Video)

Misc. Parapolitical Headlines

House Passes Bill Authorizing Worldwide War As Momentum Builds Against It
Defense Bill Also Contains Several Other Troubling Provisions
‘US Army may be liable for Diana death’
Writer urges Internet junkies to ‘switch off’ and think
Budget cuts force Calif. police and firemen to watch man drown
Starsuckers is a feature documentary about the celebrity obsessed media, that uncovers the real reasons behind our addiction to fame and blows the lid on the corporations and individuals who profit from it.
Peter Fonda Unleashed: The actor insinuates he’s training his grandchildren to shoot President Obama
Flashback – CSI: Target – Forbes Magazine, April 21, 2008
DoD Dodges Deadly Dust Data

911 Headlines

Report: Intelligence Unit Told Before 9/11 to Stop Tracking Bin Laden

False Left/Right Paradigm

Why Liberal Sellouts Attack Prophets Like Cornel West

Surveillance Society

Feds to require black box event recorders in all new cars

Banking, Housing, Farming, Civilization Collapes Watch

Bank of America Gets Pad Locked After Homeowner Forecloses On It (Video)

WikiLeaks and the Alt-Media Wars & Whores

Leaked U.S. cable lays out North American ‘integration’ strategy‘integration’-strategy/No “Conspiracy Theory”: Wikileaks Cable Confirms North American Union Agenda WH/Politico attack on Seymour Hersh by Glenn Greenwald
Inside the World of Conspiracy Theorists

War on Photography The Government’s War on Cameras! (Video)
Hawk Jensen & Zach Weissmueller | May 26, 2011
Photographers protest against ban from public spaces
MTA Officers Detain Man For Taking Pictures

MTA Officers Detain Man For Taking Pictures (Video)
I am a Photographer Not a Terrorist (PHNAT)

National Union of Journalists (NUJ)

London Photographers’ Branch (LPB)

International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)


Blue Rose Reports

Nigerian ‘baby factory’ raided, 32 teenage girls freed



PsiOp Radio LIVE Tonight – Debriefing and Decoding the Texas vs TSA Battle

5 06 2011

PSI-OP TV: Come and Take It, TSA – Austin, Texas, 6/4/11

By Mack White

Tune in tonight as Mack White and SMiles Lewis cover the latest headlines including the on-going battle for liberty and travel with dignity happening here in Austin, Texas. Tune in at and check out the archived shows at !

Texas vs TSA 6-4-11

4 06 2011

Rally at the Texas Capitol Building to Support the 4th Amendment: Texas vs TSA 6-4-11

Not-PsiOp-Radio: Slappy Pinchbottom’s Odd Preoccupation STAPLE Expose with guests Mack White, Miracle Jones and Uncle Staple

3 03 2011

Mack White appears at the STAPLE INDY MEDIA EXPO This Weekend!

Slappy Pinchbottom’s Odd Preoccupation welcomes STAPLE Media Expo guests Mack White (Legendary Comic Artist and Indy Broadcaster), Miracle Jones of the Fiction Circus, and “Uncle Staple” himself, Chris Nicholas – Founder of the STAPLE Independent Media Expo.


Slappy Pinchbottom’s Odd Preoccupation

PsiOp Radio 138 – 110112 to 110222

22 02 2011

PsiOp Radio links 110112 – 110222

Local, National and Global Populist Revolt! And the Anon-Leaks Hacktivsm Paradigm

American Revolt?!?

War Kills (From The War on SOME Drugs to DU’s War on Terra)

TexMex Border War?

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream

Copycat Effects

Aquapocalypse Headlines

Police State / Surveillance Society Drinking Game

The SkyNet PoliceState Lives!

Obama’s DroneWars

Gattaca Dystopian Police State

 Deep ParaPolitical News

911 Headlines


No, unfortunately, Obama is NOT strangling Bush senior.

“Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss”

The Panic Over Muslims

Weird Tech News

Mad Science Headlines

Just Plain Weird / WTF Headlines

More Scandal within the UFO & Alien Abduction Research Communities

 Davos, Global Competitiveness Forum & a Deep ParaPolitical UFO Conference

Misc UFO News

Mind Kontrol & PreCrime News

Blue Rose Reports



PsiOp Radio 130 – 101003

2 10 2010

PsiOp Radio 130 – 101003 Headlines

Breaking News for the week ending 101003

Jim Bentley (1952-2010)

CenTex News & Events

    County Commissioners “Running out the Clock” for Public Hearing and Paper Ballot Hand Count Pilot;
    Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) Joins Hand Count Coalition!
  • “Hopes and Fears for Big Science”
    Presented by The Austin Forum on Science, Technology & Society
    October 5, at UT’s ATT Center, at 6:30 p.m. (Networking reception at 5:45 p.m.)
  • 2010 Assembly – 3rd Annual National Assembly to Honor Freedom of Conscience
    Voices of Conscience: Objections to War in the Middle East
    October 2, 2010 at the Central Presbyterian Church, 8th and Brazos, Austin, Texas

Copycat Effects / UT-Austin Shooter Weirdness

More Copycat Headlines

CenTex Military Suicides

Mind Kontrol News

Police State / Surveillance Society

Music Interlude

Global Parapolitics News

Israel Headlines

Hastings and Salas “UFOs & Nukes” Press Club Event

(Part 1)
(Part 2)
(Part 3)
(Part 4)
(Part 5)
(Part 6)
(Part 7)

Aliens, ExtraTerrestrials, UFOs


Border Wars / Drug Wars

War: Good for Absolutely NOTHING!

Information Access

911 Truth News Headlines

FLASHBACKS: Headlines from the Past Several Weeks

FBI War on AntiWar Activists?

UFO News

CenTex Border / Mexico Collapse?

Austin / CenTex News & Events

Good News? Good News!

Parapolitical Headlines

Entrapment and Provocateuring As Usual

Globalist Dystopian Legislation

Police State / Surveillance Society News

PsyOps / Propaganda News

Endless War – Phase 3: Iran

AntiWar Activism for Peace

Endless War – Phase 3: Iran

Copycat Crimes? Mass Shootings

Drone Wars

More Headlines for the week of 100912

NEWS LINKS the week of 100829

CenTex Headlines

New Front on the Fight to Protect the 2nd Amendment: Environmental Battle

WikiLeaks Watch

Monetary Reform

BlackWater Watch

NOLA Police State Truth Emerges

Assassination News

ParaPolitical Headlines

Border Crisis? Drug War Crisis!

Police State / Surveillance Society

Blue Rose Reports / Mind Kontrol Survival

Mind Kontrol / Surveillance Society

Militarization of Society’s Youth

The War on SOME Drugs

“Non-Lethal” Militarization of Law Enforcement

Freedom of Speech / Freedom of Inquiry / Freedom of Journalism

UFOs & Anomalous Phenomena News

“Last Man on Earth” Meme

NEWS HEADLINES for the Week of 100822

PsiOp Radio 115 – 100516 w/guest Rod MacKenzie

14 05 2010

Guest Roderick MacKenzie on the JFK Assassination

PsiOp Radio 115 – 100516 w/guest Rod MacKenzie

Dealey Plaza & The Dream by Mack White

Operation Northwoods by Mack White

Join Mack and SMiles Sunday evening for an in-depth discussion of the JFK assassination with alleged insider Roderick A. MacKenzie, III. Several weeks ago we spoke with Joan d’Arc of PARANOIA Magazine about her interview with Mr. MacKenzie – you can read that interview by purchasing the premiere issue of PARANOIA – The Conspiracy Reader Volume One. You can also read an excerpt of that interview and other sample articles here.

UpComing Guests

UpComing Events

More Mack White Art


New Documents

6th Floor Museum Robbery, Inside Job, Framed Patsy

Passing of Last Witnesses

JFK Disinfoteers Posner the Plagiarist & Mark “Rush to Judgement” Lane Join Forces

JFK Related Murals

Frank Frazetta (February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010)

Comic Artist Frazetta Passes

More Texas Headlines

Drone Wars

Alienating News

Dehumanization News aka Prison Headlines

Mind Kontrol News

Politicians as Pimps and Prostitutes

CIA in the Hot Seat

Banking on Police State

Police State Border Patrol

Misc. Police State News / Godless Society

Summary Executions

Supreme News

911 News

End The Fed

Signs of the End Times

Weird Science

Activism News

Surveillance Society

ParaPolitical News

Copycat Effects

Secession and Free Speech

Taser Watch

Space Exploration News

Ancient Civilizations on Earth

Bigfoot News in Texas

PsiOp Radio 110 – 100328

28 03 2010

PsiOp Radio 110 – 100328

Surprise Show

Hiatus Resumes after this show

  • Live broadcasts will resume Sunday, April 11th.
  • No Live Show Sunday, April 18th

UpComing Guests on PsiOp Radio

Breaking News

WEIRD Magazine Interviews SMiles Lewis of the Austin Anomaly Archives

WeirD – AnomalyArchives – 74 / Read the Entire Issue Online:

Recent Para News

TexMex Border Blues

March 2010 Issue: Aerobot Invasion | Popular Science

The Rise of SkyNet – Prelude to the DroneWars

Mad Science & The Nature of Reality

Police State News

Deep Politics / ParaPolitical News

Big Brotha Surveillance Health-Care Micro-Management Climate-Cop Snitch Society

FLASHBACK: China’s All-Seeing Eye

Dystopian Gattaca Brave New World Order Surveillance Society

Transparent Empire

Human Origins

Endless War / Eternal Empire / Endless Suffering



Israel … Racism and Worse

Flashback: Brainstorm star Natalie Wood’s Mysterious Death

AntiWar / 911 Activism & News

Health sCare Shenanigans

Remote Viewing Meets Deep Political Finance Research

Mind Control

More Science News

Blue Rose Reports

Banking Elite Dystopia – Same as it Ever Was…

Crime is Terrorism /  Except When Done by Authority

PsyOps School Shooting Drills

Freedom of Speech / PreCrime / Hate Speech / Thought Criminals / Reality Denial / Whistle-Blowing

Nuclear Annihilation

SPLC and the Demonization of “Anti-Government  Freedom-Loving Right-Wing Extremist Militia Patriots”

Mind Kontrol & Torture FLASHBACKS: Frank Olson’s Murder

Mainstreaming Torture

Rumsfeld in the News

Aquapocalypse & Resource as Weapon

Demolition of Urban Society

Second Amendment Under Attack

Fluoridation Nation