PsiOp Radio podcast 128 with guest Glen Yeadon

13 09 2010

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PsiOp Radio 128 – 100912 w/guest Glen Yeadon

12 09 2010

PsiOp Radio 128 – 100912 w/guest Glen Yeadon

The Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century
Glen Yeadon and John Hawkins

Exposes how US plutocrats launched Hitler, then recouped Nazi assets to lay the postwar foundations of a modern police state. Fascists won WWII because they ran both sides. Includes a blow-by-blow account of the fascist takeover of US media.

“A valuable history of the relationship between big business in the United States and European fascism, before, during, and after the second World War. The story is shocking and sobering and deserves to be widely read.”

– Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States.

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Tonight’s Guest: Glen Yeadon

Glen Yeadon is a lifelong activist and a leading authority on fascism in America. He was raised on a family farm in Minnesota and now lives in the Pacific Northwest. Glen has multiple degrees in chemistry and computer science. He has authored numerous articles on the Internet probing the roots of American fascism. His article Ties that Bind connecting George W Bush and the Neocons to the Nazis has received exceptional praise from readers. His website promotes liberal ideals and solutions to today’s problems.

ParaPolitical Headlines for the week of 100912

PsiOp Radio 76 – 090607

5 06 2009


PsiOp Radio 76 – 090607

Tased and Confused

ApPauling there is only One Ron Paul

AusTex News

Globalism or Global Awareness & Consciousness

“Listen to the earth’s resonances. This three-minute audio file is data collected from the magnetic sensor and has been shifted up in frequency to an audible range. This file is from a nighttime recording during a period of relatively quiet ionospheric activity.”

RFK MK-Murder and MK-Events


Police State / Surveillance Society / Torture Targets

Media Revolution / Demise of the MSM?

“In 2008, 525 magazines ceased publication; in 2007, about 590.  In addition, the largest magazine distributor in the U.S. filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on April 27, 2009.”

PsyOp Satire! PsyOp or Not?!? Art=Life / Fiction=Fact

Copycattack! Twilighted Linguistics

CoIntelPro Provocateurism

China Watch

Chen Guangcheng, a self-trained legal advocate who tried in June 2005 to investigate reports that officials in Linyi city, Shandong province, had subjected thousands of people to forced abortions, beatings, and compulsory sterilization in order to meet population control targets. Although central government officials agreed that the officials used illegal means, authorities rejected the class-action lawsuit Chen tried to file. Chen was tried on August 24, 2006, and sentenced to four years and three months for “intentional destruction of property” and “gathering people to disturb traffic order.” Chen, who is blind, has reportedly been severely beaten in jail and has gone on a hunger strike to protest the beatings. He is serving his sentence in Linyi Prison.

Misc Weird Other

FLASHBACK: BioMetric NWO Death Matrix – Manhattan Project in Iraq

“I Still Say It Was UFOs!”

PsiOp Radio 75 – 090531

31 05 2009


PsiOp Radio 75 – 090531

Soviet States of America?

What a Police State Doesn’t Look Like



Mind Control, Persinger and Operation Sleeping Black Beauty

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