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22 02 2011

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Local, National and Global Populist Revolt! And the Anon-Leaks Hacktivsm Paradigm

American Revolt?!?

War Kills (From The War on SOME Drugs to DU’s War on Terra)

TexMex Border War?

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream

Copycat Effects

Aquapocalypse Headlines

Police State / Surveillance Society Drinking Game

The SkyNet PoliceState Lives!

Obama’s DroneWars

Gattaca Dystopian Police State

 Deep ParaPolitical News

911 Headlines


No, unfortunately, Obama is NOT strangling Bush senior.

“Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss”

The Panic Over Muslims

Weird Tech News

Mad Science Headlines

Just Plain Weird / WTF Headlines

More Scandal within the UFO & Alien Abduction Research Communities

 Davos, Global Competitiveness Forum & a Deep ParaPolitical UFO Conference

Misc UFO News

Mind Kontrol & PreCrime News

Blue Rose Reports



PsiOp Radio 102 – 100117 with Guest Robert Larson

17 01 2010

PsiOp Radio 102 – 100117 with guest Robert Larson

Guest Robert Larson Discussing Mind, Psychedelics, Freedom, Liberty, Parapsychology, Parapolitics and More!

Host of Out The Rabbit Hole radioshow

Sampling of Robert Larson’s radio interviews:

  • William Cone on Sleep Paralysis – Cartoon Pleroma Parts One & Two
  • Fred Alan Wolf on Mind & Physics – Cartoon Pleroma Parts One & Two
  • Kenny Ausubel on the Hoxsey Cancer Cure – Cartoon Pleroma Parts One & Two
  • Paul Williams on Philip K. Dick – Cartoon Pleroma Parts One & Two
  • Korey Rowe on Loose Change (Final Cut)Out The Rabbit Hole April 2007
  • Webster Tarpley on 911 – Out The Rabbit Hole June 2006
  • Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater – Out The Rabbit Hole June 2007
  • Norman G. Finkelstein on Israel – Out The Rabbit Hole January 2006
  • Rick Strassman on DMT and Aliens – Out The Rabbit Hole May 2009
  • Karl Lemarcs on Consciousness & Reality – Out The Rabbit Hole March 2009
  • Anthony Peake on Mind & Physics – Out The Rabbit Hole December 2008


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Taser Report

Crackdown on Conspiracy Theorists


BankerGate Bailout Bullshit


Police State

Nazification of AmeriKa



Border Wars / Texas Police State

airport security

Anti-Surveillance Society Activism

SkyNet / DroneWars / Surveillanec Society

Torture News

Illegitimate War is the UnHealth of the State


Global Health sCare / AmeriKan Health Scam

Blackwater in Hotwater

Mind Kontrol

Confronting Evil

End the War on (Some) Drugs – It’s All About the Benjamins


Aliens, UFOs and “All That!”

PsiOp Radio podcast 90 – 091004

4 10 2009


PsiOp Radio 90 – 091004

3 10 2009


PsiOp Radio 091004

Sunday’s Live PsiOp-Radio Show will be a Special Musical Edition.

Join Mack White and SMiles Lewis Explore Sonic Landscapes of Strangeness.

Tune in via

G20 Police State

Police State / Surveillance Society

Police State Boiling Pot

Montana Jail

Montana Police State News

Hardin, Montana under siege!

Paramilitary Force To Boss Internment Camp In Montana

Montana Town Occupied By Private Paramilitary Security Force

Hardin jail operators detail plans for training facility, expansion

Two Rivers Detention Center Photo Tour Hardin, Montana

Hardin, Montana town officials hornswoggled by American Police Force

Investigation Could Sink American Police Force

Hardin, Montana, tip of the iceberg? (video)

Exposed: American Police Force Is A Blackwater Front Group

What Is American Police Force?

Mysterious Private Security Firm Gets Control Of Empty Jail In Small Montana Town

Reports: Mysterious, unregistered security firm policing Montana town (video)

CenTex Police State

Dallas woman fuming over smoking neighbor at complex
Two Dallas women suing neighbor for smoking in own home…

Parapolitical Analysis

OKC Bombing

Octopus Tentacles Emerge

911 News

Nazi Amerika

Mad Science and the Birthing of SkyNet

Swine Flu Revolt

Bail Out Boondoggle

The Logic of Paul, Ron Paul

The State is the Family



Human Rights Are Universal

Militarizing Youth in AmeriKa

CIA-Facebook & ACORN?

Human Origins

PsiOp Radio 76 – 090607

5 06 2009


PsiOp Radio 76 – 090607

Tased and Confused

ApPauling there is only One Ron Paul

AusTex News

Globalism or Global Awareness & Consciousness

“Listen to the earth’s resonances. This three-minute audio file is data collected from the magnetic sensor and has been shifted up in frequency to an audible range. This file is from a nighttime recording during a period of relatively quiet ionospheric activity.”

RFK MK-Murder and MK-Events


Police State / Surveillance Society / Torture Targets

Media Revolution / Demise of the MSM?

“In 2008, 525 magazines ceased publication; in 2007, about 590.  In addition, the largest magazine distributor in the U.S. filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on April 27, 2009.”

PsyOp Satire! PsyOp or Not?!? Art=Life / Fiction=Fact

Copycattack! Twilighted Linguistics

CoIntelPro Provocateurism

China Watch

Chen Guangcheng, a self-trained legal advocate who tried in June 2005 to investigate reports that officials in Linyi city, Shandong province, had subjected thousands of people to forced abortions, beatings, and compulsory sterilization in order to meet population control targets. Although central government officials agreed that the officials used illegal means, authorities rejected the class-action lawsuit Chen tried to file. Chen was tried on August 24, 2006, and sentenced to four years and three months for “intentional destruction of property” and “gathering people to disturb traffic order.” Chen, who is blind, has reportedly been severely beaten in jail and has gone on a hunger strike to protest the beatings. He is serving his sentence in Linyi Prison.

Misc Weird Other

FLASHBACK: BioMetric NWO Death Matrix – Manhattan Project in Iraq

“I Still Say It Was UFOs!”

PsiOp radio 71 – 090419

19 04 2009

Freedom Underground Radio

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PsiOp Radio 71 – 090419


Texas Secession

Copycats / Mass Shootings

Gattaca Police State

Trust Noone / Everyone is Suspect

Return of the Nuremberg Defense / Torturers Go Free

skull_and_bonesArgh! Here be Pirates

Tea Parties



UFOs and the Anomalous

PsiOp Radio 70 – 090405

4 04 2009

Art by Chris Katko of

See Links to G20 Below

Meanwhile in Austin, Texas …

“I just have a lot of concern,” said Jimmy Gardner, 47, who wore a T-shirt that said “Tyranny Response Team” to a pre-forum rally. “The right not to self-incriminate is one of the most fundamental rights of the American jurisprudence system.”

Police Chief Art Acevedo said he wants Austin officers to be taught how to draw blood during traffic stops.

UT The Daily TexanAfter prolonged discussion and with a 21-10 vote, the state Senate passed a measure Monday allowing police to establish sobriety checkpoints throughout
AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF – March 31 – After a lively debate, the state Senate on Monday tentatively approved a measure that would allow police to establish sobriety checkpoints for the first time in 15 years.
CBS 42Mar 31, 2009 – Anger was high Monday night in the debate over the police department’s policy to draw blood if they suspect someone of driving while intoxicated and they
News 8 AustinMar 31, 2009 – Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) held a forum at City Hall Monday, regarding Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo’s plans for blood draws. video 1 / video 2
UT The Daily TexanMar 31, 2009 – Austin City Council candidate Sam Osemene participates in a public forum on police blood withdrawals Monday afternoon at City Hall.
Texas Cable NewsMar 30, 2009 – By NOELLE NEWTON / KVUE News A public forum on APD’s “no refusal” initiatives turned into a fiery debate Monday night. People packed the council chambers to
MyFox AustinMar 30, 2009 – myFOXaustin (AUSTIN) – Monday night many Austinites gathered at city hall to participate in forum on APD’s blood draw policy. Chief Art Acevedo wants to

PsiOp Radio 70 – 090405

AusTex Anomalous

SRA / MK and the False Memory Syndrome Controversy


Copycat Effect

Google Street Views

Cemetery Readiness



I, Robot



PsiOp Radio 68 – 090315

15 03 2009

GeoPolitical Shifting


New Cuban Missile Crisis?

China & the Pacific Theater





Media Manipulations

More Crises in America?

Police State

Dick Cheney, Delta Force, Assassination


End Times

Things Falling Out of the Sky

Copycat Effect

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