PsiOp Radio 179 with guest Ted Rall

12 09 2015

PsiOp Radio Returns with Interview of Ted Rall


About LAPD Influence on his LA-Times Firing

& New Biography of Whistle-blower Edward Snowden

Podcast archive: POR150912-ted-rall-1a.mp3

Ted Rall’s Rallblog /


Ted Rall: Snowden’s Courageous Betrayal of Big Brother
7:00PM, Tuesday, September 29, 2015, Great Hall for $5
Doors open: 6:00 pm  BUY TICKETS

What motivated NSA contractor Edward Snowden to leak top-secret government documents and be labeled a traitor? Political cartoonist Rall attempts to answer that question. He’ll discuss Snowden’s underlying emotions, the meaning of courage–and what it takes to act when all eyes are watching…  Source: Ted Rall | Town Hall Seattle


Ted Rall Among Artists Featured in The Bush Junta

Ted Rall’s Rallblog – Smart Politics in Pictures and Words

Frederick Theodore “Ted” Rall III (born August 26, 1963) is an American columnist, syndicated editorial cartoonist, and author. His political cartoons often appear in a multi-panel comic-strip format and frequently blend comic-strip and editorial-cartoon conventions. The cartoons appear in approximately 100 newspapers around the United States. He was President of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists from 2008 to 2009.

Rall draws three editorial cartoons a week for syndication, draws illustrations on a freelance basis, writes a weekly syndicated column, and edits the Attitude series of alternative cartooning anthologies and spin-off collections by up-and-coming cartoonists. He writes and draws cartoons for the website and is the editor-in-chief of the satirical news website

He is an award-winning graphic novelist and the author of non-fiction books about domestic and international current affairs. He also travels to and writes about Central Asia, a region he believes to be pivotal to U.S. foreign policy concerns. In November 2001 he went to Afghanistan as a war correspondent for The Village Voice and KFI Radio in Los Angeles. He returned to Afghanistan in August 2010, traveling independently and unembedded throughout the country, filing daily “cartoon blogs” by satellite.



Ted Rall – Political Cartoonist

How You Can Help by Ted Rall, 

pasadena-weekly-ralls-deal-cover-2015People are asking how they can support the fight against the LA Times/LAPD, and police corruption and censorship of the press.

Thank you for asking! I can’t win without you. Here are some ways you can help.

You can sign the petition demanding my reinstatement at the LA Times.

Write a letter to the editor of the LA Times. They haven’t been publishing them, but they do read them.

Keep spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit and other social media. Silence and obscurity are the big enemies; powerful institutions like the LAPD and LA Times count on people’s attention spans being short.

Write to media outlets that ought to be covering this story, but haven’t been. Don’t be like the LAPD. Be polite! Prime suspects include:

Charles M. Blow, NY Times columnist
Democracy Now with Amy Goodman
Associated Press
LA Weekly
KFI Radio Los Angeles
NPR Morning Edition
NPR All Things Considered
PBS NewsHour
NPR – On the Media
Columbia Journalism Review

Don’t feel limited by this list. These are just outlets that seem like obvious candidates.

I’ve just lost my job, and legal battles are time-consuming and expensive. If you’d like to help financially, there are several things you can do:

You can buy my new book about Edward Snowden.
Or buy one of my older books.
Or make a tax-deductible donation via the Palast Fund. (Yes, I really do get the money.)

If you’re an editor or know one, you can commission me to draw something, or write something, or speak about something for money. I do all sorts of things! And I’ll travel anywhere. I’ve designed wedding invitations, tattoos, you name it. I need work.

Mike Lynch: “Who will the police or the politicians come after next? What editor will they convince to not only fire another cartoonist or writer — but also publicly humiliate them with a damning editorial in their publication? This kind of collusion of power to go after creative people is not tolerable and not what this country is about.”


Former Fox Station Employee Phillip Perea Commits Suicide Outside News Corporation Building


Former Fox news staffer suicide and Acevedo

Report: Fox News protestor shoots himself outside News Corp. building
By DYLAN BYERS | 1/26/15 10:33 AM EST

Former Fox Station Employee Shoots Himself Outside News Corporation Building
By Pervaiz Shallwani and Rebecca Davis O’Brien

Phillip Perea Commits Suicide
Former Fox employee blames corp for killing his career
By Chase Hoffberger, Jan. 26



PsiOp Radio 172 – 130504 with Guest Jeremy Begin

4 05 2013

Podcast audio archive: POR130504a.mp3

Jeremy Begin Jeremy Begin is the writer (colorist, and letterer) of the AFTER THE DREAM comic books and the author of Fighting for G.O.D. – Gold, Oil and Drugs, a graphic novel revelation about 9/11 and the global elite. He is a long-time activist / organizer who has a degree in writing from Hampshire College. He currently resides in California’s Bay Area.

Jeremy was our guest on PsiOp-Radio in August 2010. (MP3 Podcast Archive)



AfterTheDream-02-cover“After the Dream is a dark, realistic science-fiction series about the damaged survivors of a covert program which has used unwitting humans as test subjects in the pursuit of mind control, truth serums, and psychic powers. While the program has failed to produce any psychic or super-powered individuals, it has left a trail of broken lives and minds in its wake. The series follows two parallel story arcs, a young schizophrenic woman named Rhyda Izguerra in the present day, and a young man named Balum in a dystopian near future. Rhyda is aided by repentant drug researcher Gregory Kincaid, and together they work to save other victims of the illicit experimentation. Balum, meanwhile, is taking a more proactive approach, rallying various dissidents to directly attack the shadowy corporation which is behind the program. After the Dream is a work in progress which is envisioned to be a 24-issue monthly series.”

WARNING: contains descriptions and depictions of both ritual abuse and mil-lab trauma-based mind control experiments, along with coercive sex-work, drug addiction, mental illness, human trafficking, child abuse, bloody violence, and other generally dark and disturbing topics

Fighting For G.O.D.


Jeremy Begin’s links:


Fighting for G.O.D. - Gold, Oil, Drugs


Musical Interlude: Spitfire (Original Mix) – Porter Robinson (HD)

Musical Outerlude: The High Violets – Chinese Letter

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PsiOp Radio podcast 139 with Guest Matthew Alford on Military Media Manipulation

6 03 2011

PsiOp Radio with Guest Matthew Alford on Military Media Manipulation

HQ MP3 Podcast Archive

Matthew Alford (left) & Robbie Graham (right) at the Fortean Times UnConvention

Reel Power: Hollywood Cinema and American Supremacy
Pluto Press, 2010 /
Matthew Alford MPhil[B], PhD has taught at the Universities of Bath and Bristol and is now an independent scholar working on issues of American cinema, power and politics.

  • Interviewed by George Galloway for PressTV-The Real Deal 03-10-2010.
Reel Power of Hollywood & CIA – Starts at 8 minute into Part One and it goes on to Part Two…



Interviews, Radio and Television



  • Robbie Graham and Matthew Alford, “A History of Government Management of UFO Perceptions Through Film and Television”, 49th Parallel, Spring 2011.
  • Matthew Alford, “Why Not a Propaganda Model for Hollywood?”, in Philip Hammond (ed), Screens of Terror (Palgrave, 2011).
  • Tricia Jenkins and Matthew Alford, “A Model for Intelligence Activity in Hollywood: Don’t Forget the ‘Agency’ in CIA”, Journal of Popular Video, Spring 2011
  • Matthew Alford, Book Review: Jeff Klaehn(ed), The Political Economy of Media and Power (Peter Lang, 2010) in Global Media and Communications, Spring 2011.
  • Matthew Alford, “A Propaganda Model for Hollywood”, Westminster Papers for Communication and Culture, Vol 6(2), 2009.
  • Matthew Alford, “A Propaganda Model for Hollywood? Representations of American foreign policy in contemporary films” PhD Thesis, University of Bath, 2008.

PsiOp Radio podcast 136 with guest Mark Pilkington on UFO Disinfo “Mirage Men”

19 12 2010


PsiOp-Radio podcast 136 – Guest Mark Pilkington

HQ vrsn (2 hrs of uninterrupted interview)

HQ / Commercial Free / Uncensored Version

Mark Pilkington’s MIRAGE MEN Reviewed by Nick Redfern

Mark Pilkington’s Mirage Men is – I don’t exaggerate in saying – one of the most important UFO-themed books you’ll ever read. That is, if you dare to read the book, and don’t shy away from it because it might upset and unbalance your carefully constructed, nice and neat Ufological world.

Whether you are a full-on true-believer in the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), wholly open-minded on what lies at the heart of the UFO puzzle, a skeptic, or a rabid debunker, you should not ignore Mirage Men. Of course, your views on what lies at the heart of the UFO phenomenon – and which of the above-categories you fall into – will play a large role in determining your response and reaction to Mark’s book.

Those for whom Ufology is a modern-day religion, and one that offers a form of cosmic comfort, will be shocked, angered and perhaps even disillusioned by what they read. Doubtless, too, there will be a degree of hostility and outright denial on their part when faced with the crumbling of certain much-cherished belief-systems, ideas and (possibly) certain cases that have become classics within Ufology.

READ MORE at Nick Redfern’s FORTEAN REVIEWS Blog or here at PsiOp-Radio:

UFOs and Disinformation

Tsumami Bombs & UFO Disinfo

Print Interviews with Mark Pilkington

A Room 101 Interview with Mark Pilkington

Mirage Men: UFO researcher Mark Pilkington on deception and psychological warfare

Mirage Men | TDG – Science, Magick, Myth and History

Audio Interviews with Mark Pilkington

PsiOp Radio podcast 135 with guest Ethan Persoff

28 11 2010

PsiOp Radio 135 – guest Ethan Persoff

HQ / Commercial Free / Uncensored Version

Banking Revolt

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UpComing Interview Guests: Ethan Persoff and Mark Pilkington

27 11 2010

Ethan Persoff and Mark Pilkington are UpComing Interview Guests on PsiOp-Radio.

. . .

Left: Mark Pilkington / Right: Ethan Persoff (w/John Ashcroft)

:Ethan’s websites

Mark’s websites:

PsiOp Radio podcast 129 – 100926 with guest Keith Chester

27 09 2010

HQ version

Stalking the Elusive Truth – The Blog of Keith Chester

PisOp Radio 129 – 100926 with guest Keith Chester on WW2 UFOs

26 09 2010

PisOp Radio 129 – 100926 w/guest Keith Chester on WW2 UFOs

Military Encounters with UFOs in World War II
by Keith Chester

Anomalist Books
Trade Paperback,
ISBN: 1933665203
320 pages, 15 illustrations, index

Stalking the Elusive Truth – The Blog of Keith Chester

Find out more and read an excerpt at Anomalist Books dot com:

Strange Company: Military Encounters with UFOs in World War II

Articles, Interviews & Reviews

Appearance on Coast to Coast AM with guest host George Knapp

Breaking News / Last Minute Headlines for the weeks 100919 – 100926

UFO Press Club Press Conference on Monday, September 27th

Say Hello to Earth’s Ambassador:

Mazlan Othman!

More Financial Quakes

FBI War on AntiWar Activists?

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Endless War – Phase 3: Iran

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Oil Spills & Dirty Politics

A joint investigation by the Center for Public Integrity and CBS News has found that many victims of an 800,000 gallon oil pipeline spill in Battle Creek, Michigan on July 27 unwittingly signed waivers releasing the pipeline operator from liability. In return, the victims mostly received air purification cleaners and small cash reimbursements. Some victims even signed forms releasing their medical records to the company. The evidence points to a clever bamboozling of potential oil spill victims by the Canadian-based pipeline company, Enbridge, which has been responsible for multiple other spills. A congressional inquiry into the Michigan matter is now underway.

Israel News

The Wehrmacht oath read as follows:

I swear by God this holy oath, that I want to offer unconditional obedience to the Fuhrer of the German Empire and people, Adolf Hitler, the commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht, and be prepared as a brave soldier to risk my life for this oath at any time.

And here is the oath of loyalty to the Jewish state that our interview subjects read on camera:

I swear by Hashem [the Jewish God] that I want to offer unconditional loyalty to the Jewish state of Israel, to its leaders and the commanders of its Jewish army. I am prepared as a loyal supporter of the Jewish state to risk my life for this oath at any time.

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