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22 02 2011

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28 03 2010

PsiOp Radio 110 – 100328

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WEIRD Magazine Interviews SMiles Lewis of the Austin Anomaly Archives

WeirD – AnomalyArchives – 74 / Read the Entire Issue Online:

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TexMex Border Blues

March 2010 Issue: Aerobot Invasion | Popular Science

The Rise of SkyNet – Prelude to the DroneWars

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6 03 2010

PsiOp Radio 108 – 100307

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  • Fusion Center Forum Meeting
  • 911 Architects & Engineers Event in Austin
  • Texas Ghost Show conference in Beaumont, Texas

Copycat Effect: Yet Another “Domestic Terrorist” from Austin, Texas?


Copycat Effects

Drudge Juxtaposed: Sandy “Suicide by Cop” Standoff pic vs shock poll “Govt Threat to Rights”

The article linked there has nothing to do with the photo … so I looked at the image title info for the photo and saw some keywords that I then looked up at    sandy standoff
…. and that elicited these headlines:  KATU

4-hour Ore. standoff in ends in suspect’s suicide

Police News – ?21 hours ago?
4-hour Ore. standoff in ends in suspect’s suicideMan found dead in Sandy sexually abused boys, police said By PoliceOne Staff SANDY, Ore.

KTVZSandy Post



AP – An Indonesian Muslim student defaces a mask of U.S. president Barack Obama during a protest against his …

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  • Revealing the Driving Forces Behind World Events and Creating Alternative Solutions

University Inn & Conference Center – Santa Cruz, CA – May 14 – 16th, 2010

With Speakers: Ellen Brown, Ian Crane, David Ray Griffin, Annie Machon, Jim Marrs, Cynthia McKinney, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips, Peter Dale Scott and Barrie Zwicker

  • AE911Truth press conference to take place in Austin, TX March 20, 2010 – Doubletree Hotel in Austin on Saturday 3/20/10 from 3 – 9 PM. Organized by Ron Avery, Architect
    Architect and AE911Truth petition signer Ron Avery, along with fellow supporters, will show the video of the original AE911Truth 80 minute Press Conference that was held in San Francisco on 2/19/10. Ron will give his own presentation as an architect concerning the construction and destruction of the WTC Twin Towers and how limited damage to 5 floors on each building is insufficient to collapse 110 floors of such a structure.
    All Texas architects and engineers are encouraged to attend this Press Conference.

    Contact Ron at
  • What: Austin Fusion Center Community Forum SPEAK OUT!
    When: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 6:30 PM
    Where: Cristo Rey Catholic Church, 2208 East 2nd Street

Texas Impact is hosting a community forum on March 10 to provide the public an opportunity to engage with senior Austin Police Department officials about the upcoming Austin Regional Intelligence Center (ARIC).The forum will be held on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010, 6:30-8:00pm at Cristo Rey Catholic Church. Cristo Rey is located at 2208 East 2nd Street, Austin, TX 78702.

The Austin Regional Intelligence Center is a technology-based policing initiative known as a fusion center, and is a database system that will allow APD to share a wide range of law enforcement information with neighboring jurisdictions as well as state and federal law enforcement agencies. Texas Impact is working with the Austin Police Department and other groups to ensure that the ARIC initiative is implemented in a manner that is constructive and empowering for the whole Austin community.

Texas Impact and APD plan for the community forum to serve as an open, public meeting to introduce the initiative to the community and to give local residents the chance to provide input and ask questions about the new intelligence center. Texas Impact’s goal is to ensure that minority communities and people of faith are aware of the new center and its processes and that they have an opportunity to raise concerns and questions before City Council formally approves the launch of the center.

For more information about the event, contact Texas Impact at 512.472.3903, or email

ARIC Community Forum
Wednesday, March 10, 2010 / 6:30-8:00pm
Cristo Rey Catholic Church
2208 East 2nd Street

The Klinges of Ghost Lab

Activism for Education / Strike for Justice

The War on Some Drugs

Israel: Good, Bad, Ugly


WTF?! Global Warming, Suicides & … Parapsychology?

Fortean Fish Fall

Aquapocalypse – Water Wars

(Jon Downes at Loch Ness, November 2005)


“Cryptozoology’s answer to Hunter Thompson” – Fortean Zoologist Jonathan Downes comes to Austin

WiFi Wild West is Over?

Debra Medina, Alex Jones & Freedom Movement Infighting

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  • AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story
  • AMERICAN The Bill Hicks Story has been invited to hold its North American premiere at SXSW!
    Bill has a very strong cult following in the US, but nowhere more so than Austin, and as British filmmakers, we are very excited to be taking the story of one of America’s most important cultural icons back to his homeland.
    The SXSW festival is one of America’s leading festivals, and runs from the 12th – 20th March. We are pleased to be mentioned in their opening paragraph, alongside Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Micmacs, Michel Gondry’s The Thorn in the Heart, and Steven Soderbergh’s And Everything Is Going Fine.
  • The Alex Jones / Bill Hicks Conspiracy Memes
  • Flashback: Russell Crowe plans Bill Hicks project

“Bill Hicks: UFO Contactee” by Greg Bishop

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Religion “By the Book”

No PsiOp-Radio Show This Sunday 090927

25 09 2009

Mack White and SMiles Lewis will not be doing a live show this Sunday night. Each of us will be travelling across Texas this weekend.

SMiles will be attending the 2009 Texas Bigfoot Conference in Tyler, Texas with fellow ANOMALY Magazine writer and Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy member Jeremy Wells.

PsiOp-Radio will return LIVE on Sunday, October 4th for a Special Musical Edition of the show.

PsiOp Radio 82 – CyberFortean guest Dr. Steven Mizrach

18 07 2009

Join Hosts Mack White and SMiles Lewis live Sunday night from 7-9pm Central Standard Time. They are joined by guest Steven Mizrach.

Call-in Number: (512) 879 – 3805
Sundays, 7 – 9pm CST

Steven Mizrach – CyberFortean Anomaly Informationalist

Or something else… Trouble brewing in cyberspace?

As John Keel notes, ever since Swedenborg, people have been warned not to trust excessively in what the spirits have to say. For the one thing Swedenborg was certain of was that they lie. Keel feels they have told the same-old just-so stories and falsehoods for so long (especially ones about the impending end of the world) that he feels the ultimate origin of all these communications might be some sort of “Great Phonograph in the Sky,” stuck on a nonsensical groove. He concluded that the entities he was in contact with during the writing of the Mothman Prophecies were not from the ranks of the gods, the dead, or extraterrestrials. Rather, they were malevolent disincarnate “superspectral” beings, existing within the fringe regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. These beings could manifest within the visible world, but only through some sort of draining from the energy of physical beings.

The idea that psi might be electromagnetic in nature was concluded early on by the Mesmerists. Nineteenth century mediums were convinced that ‘magnetic fluid’ was involved in telepathy and mediumization, and so magnets were frequently utilized in seances. There has been a great deal of research into the presence of electromagnetic fields in living beings; many researchers such as Harold Saxton Burr concluded that life was essentially electromagnetic in its basis (just like the computer… keep paying attention…) Therefore, might it not be possible that forms of life might exist which are purely electromagnetic in nature? That are not embedded in physical matter, just as your computer software is not embedded in the ROM hardware of your machine? Such forms of life might be expected to contact human beings through electronic equipment, when it is available, since not all humans are perceptually ‘tuned’ into the frequency region in which they exist…

William Gibson’s book Count Zero discusses a strange future in which AI entities in cyberspace have taken on the personalities of deities from Haitian folklore, and even “possess” the minds of devotees. Gibson suggests that once computer networks reach a certain complexity, so will the AIs that exist on them… and that such AIs might eventually take on a consciousness and autonomy of their own. As I have suggested elsewhere, electronic technology depends on the mysterious numinous world described by Quantum Electrodynamics (QED.) QED makes the electronic computer, that supremely rational device, possible, but its equations also describe a world where action occurs at a distance and certainties are replaced by probabilities. At the level of the quantum (below the Planck length), some physicists expect, parallel universes may interpenetrate. Should we be surprised, then, that the computer puts us in touch with other worlds beyond our own?

Prieure du Sion/ Rennes-le-Chateau mystery

PsiOp Radio 82 – 090719

More Passing of Giants
All Celebrity Deaths… All The Time

John Alva Keel: March 25, 1930 – July 3, 2009

“I have just received word that veteran ufologist Richard Hall,
who was both a friend and hero to me, died this morning of the
cancer he had been fighting.

Ufology has lost a giant.”

– Jerry Clark

FLASHBACK to The Financial 911 of 2008, Secret Meetings & Threats of Martial Law

“Economic / Financial 911” meme … Paulson’s piece falling into historical place / context?

“a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”
– A rapid rebound for Goldman Sachs

FLASHBACK: Alien Landings at Schools in the UK

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Austin Yogurt Shop Murders


SkyNet Lives

PsyOps Mainstreaming Assassination & Torture

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Eyes WIDE Open



‘They were looking for the ideal Manchurian Candidate’

davidshaylerParapolitical News

Bizarre, Fortean, Mysterious, Strange, Unexplained


“a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”
– A rapid rebound for Goldman Sachs

PsiOp Radio 81 – 090712 Farewell to Fortean John Keel w/guest Loren Coleman

12 07 2009

Hi Bitrate Archive (Entire Show)

PsiOp-Radio #81 (Second Hour with Guest Loren Coleman only)

16kbps mp3 version (full temp at podomatic)

32kbps mp3 version (American Freedom Radio archive)


And thanks to my friend Dr. Steven Mizrach for the following tribute…

Tribute to John Keel by Steven Mizrach

If I were to say there were two people who most influenced my thinking on the UFO subject, it would be Jacques Vallee and John Keel. So much so I even wrote both of them letters of congratulation at one point.

They were of course very different in their approaches and backgrounds (one a French rationalist, the other an American adventure writer), and yet I would argue seemed to be concurring on five critical points.

1. That “the phenomenon” might be “ultra-terrestrial,” i.e. not so much originating from other planets, but possibly other dimensions of existence. That in fact it wasn’t really coming from “somewhere else” so much as something parallel to “here”. Maybe around us all the time but not normally apprehensible to our senses? Keel sometimes liked to say “the phenomenon is much a part of our planet as the weather”.

2. That “the phenomenon” had historical roots deeper than 1947. The “flying saucer” era may have begun with Kenneth Arnold in 1947, but things that were called different things in earlier epochs, such as Mystery Airships, or Foo Fighters, or Ghost Rockets, or just Strange Stuff in the Sky, might have been earlier manifestations. In fact, Keel was so adamant on this that he devoted himself to debunking the “Roswell” obsession of many of his peers, insisting that the Roswell incident was a Japanese fugu bomb balloon.

3. That “the phenomenon” seemed to respond to peoples’ beliefs. Keel always cautioned people that “Belief is the Enemy”. Certainly, it’s generally a good admonition in general, given the damage dogmatism, fanaticism, and fundamentalism cause, in general. But Keel was speaking about what seemed to be its “adaptive” nature, that it molded itself to peoples’ expectations. Vallee suggested the same thing, except I think he leaned more generally to the “Magonia” school that peoples’ perceptions were molded by their culture, which is why medieval people seeing the same thing as modern people called it angels, whereas we call it spaceships.

Basically, I would say that, each essentially said, be careful in approaching the subject with too many a priori expectations, beliefs, and assumptions. Which again, if you think about it, is good general advice.

4. That one should be cautious of the UFOlogical “establishment”. Keel in response to my letter to him sent one of his pamphlets lampooning the “UFO people”. He said they had a diet too heavy in science fiction and everything was always being force-clawed into alien technology explanations. They should look more at the history of religious apparitions, mythology, faeries, and folklore and realize they weren’t dealing with something new. Vallee often said the same thing. So did Carl Jung, way back in the 50s.

5. That the phenomenon was part of something that could be considered a “control system”. Of course, I was always fascinated most of all by this subject. “Control” for what purpose? Forteans have always danced around this subject ever since Charles Fort opined in his tomes “We are property”. Vallee hinted that the control was more or less benevolent, perhaps for the betterment of our evolution. Keel was always more pessimistic. He saw manipulation. I think he was at his most ascerbic in books like Disneyland of the Gods or the Eighth Tower. Keel liked to discuss how the ancient gods seemed to manipulate human beings, pretty much treat us like cattle, serfs, puppets. He didn’t see the situation improving now that our new gods were the Ashtar Command and the Space Brothers.

I had always loved Keel’s book The Mothman Prophecies. I can’t really say why. Maybe Mothman was just a figment of peoples’ imagination, or just some undiscovered cryptid. But there was too much else WEIRD going on in Point Pleasant, a “high strangeness” for a year or so that went beyond a mere cryptid invasion. Indrid Cold, whatever/whoever he was, was no cryptid. He also didn’t seem like a man from outer space, either. Maybe he was a god, or a spirit, or a daeva, or something else, but as Keel often commented, he seemed trapped by fate, by time, in a different way from us (since he didn’t seem to live in linear time), but still. Not unlike what the Buddha once said about the Hindu gods.

When the movie Mothman Prophecies came out, I expected to be disappointed. I really did not think a Hollywood film could capture the “feel” of the book. And although I thought the film did some fascinating things with regard to poetic license (like splitting Keel into two persons, the naive John Keel played by Buddhist Richard Gere who must be “initiated” by Alexander Leek (Keel backwards) to understand it all), I actually felt in many ways it did. Particularly with regard to the nature of Indrid Cold.

“Alexander Leek” in that movie gives an explanation of how Keel saw “ultra-terrestrials” like Indrid Cold in a very chilling, captivating way. “Leek” tells “Keel” (Gere) that beings like Cold might well be able to see the future, because they aren’t exactly in the same space-time continuum as us. However, that doesn’t make them omnipotent, or omniscient, far from it. Like “Leek” explains — perhaps a window washer on the 14th floor of a building can see a car crash blocks away that we can’t. He knows things before we do, because he has a “higher” or better vantage point. (That view always made me think of the hyperspheres in the novel Flatland.) However, that doesn’t mean he can see everywhere, or everywhen. It hardly makes the window washer worthy of believing everything he says, just because his vantage point is a bit improved.

But more importantly, Keel also felt that beings like “Cold” didn’t strike him as necessarily being benevolent or honest. Keel often commented on how Swedenborg told other spiritualists to dialogue with the spirits, but not to trust everything they said, just because they were dead. Because, frankly, said Swedenborg, for whatever reasons of their own, they frequently lied. Keel seemed to hint that beings like “Cold” might use their slightly better vantage point to manipulate us and he frequently hinted about how various “contactees” were inevitably “used” by such beings.

The bottom line is, Keel’s fundamental message was one of skepticism, or zeteticism, if you prefer. That when being led down the garden path by the latest channeled alien intelligence du jour, as an American politician once said, “trust, but verify”.

I think that’s a good adage to live by, whether it’s all tosh in general, or like Keel, you suspect that “U.T.”s don’t necessarily have to have our best interests at heart.

Goodbye John Keel. I understand you died lonely and isolated, but that’s the way many prophets in their own country and Cassandras have to die. In the movie Mothman Prophecies, Laura Linney tells your alter ego Richard Gere that his wife Debra Messing may be on the other side, but “wherever she is, I bet she’s nowhere near Indrid Cold.” I hope the same is true of you.

Dr. Steven Mizrach

Adjunct Professor, Anthropology, FIU