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22 02 2011

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Local, National and Global Populist Revolt! And the Anon-Leaks Hacktivsm Paradigm

American Revolt?!?

War Kills (From The War on SOME Drugs to DU’s War on Terra)

TexMex Border War?

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream

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The SkyNet PoliceState Lives!

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No, unfortunately, Obama is NOT strangling Bush senior.

“Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss”

The Panic Over Muslims

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More Scandal within the UFO & Alien Abduction Research Communities

 Davos, Global Competitiveness Forum & a Deep ParaPolitical UFO Conference

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28 03 2010

PsiOp Radio 110 – 100328

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WEIRD Magazine Interviews SMiles Lewis of the Austin Anomaly Archives

WeirD – AnomalyArchives – 74 / Read the Entire Issue Online:

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TexMex Border Blues

March 2010 Issue: Aerobot Invasion | Popular Science

The Rise of SkyNet – Prelude to the DroneWars

Mad Science & The Nature of Reality

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FLASHBACK: China’s All-Seeing Eye

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Israel … Racism and Worse

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Remote Viewing Meets Deep Political Finance Research

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Nuclear Annihilation

SPLC and the Demonization of “Anti-Government  Freedom-Loving Right-Wing Extremist Militia Patriots”

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Mainstreaming Torture

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Aquapocalypse & Resource as Weapon

Demolition of Urban Society

Second Amendment Under Attack

Fluoridation Nation

No PsiOp-Radio Show This Sunday 090927

25 09 2009

Mack White and SMiles Lewis will not be doing a live show this Sunday night. Each of us will be travelling across Texas this weekend.

SMiles will be attending the 2009 Texas Bigfoot Conference in Tyler, Texas with fellow ANOMALY Magazine writer and Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy member Jeremy Wells.

PsiOp-Radio will return LIVE on Sunday, October 4th for a Special Musical Edition of the show.

PsiOp Radio 72 – 090426 w/guest Adam Gorightly

25 04 2009



Join Hosts Mack White and SMiles Lewis as they Interview Crackpot Historian Adam Gorightly about his many fascinating and informative books and lectures including, James Shelby Downard’s Mystical War, the upcoming re-release of his Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control and the Manson Family Mythos and Much More!


Texas Gov. Perry seeks anti-viral treatment for swine flu for Texas

Dallas Morning News
AP SAN ANTONIO – Gov. Rick Perry has asked for 37430 courses of anti-viral medicine from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because of the swine …
Video: Swine Flu Fears Prompt Global Quarantine Plans The Associated Press

Inside the Home of a Swine Flu Victim

ABC News
… San Antonio draws hundreds of people from around Texas. Henshaw and his 11-year-old daughter, Hannah, were also diagnosed positive for the swine flu …

Fighting Deadly Flu, Mexico Shuts Schools

New York Times
There is no point in trying to use containment measures in the United States, he said, because the swine flu virus has already appeared from San Antonio to …

Swine flu infections across the world (MAP)

Martial Law Lockdown Exercise in Seward, Alaska?

H5N1 Originates From Alaska in 1997

Possible Outbreak At NYC Prep School…
8 Students Test ‘Probable’…
Mexico City residents staying at home…
Calderon Declares Emergency; Power to Quarantine…
WHO declares international concern…
2 cases found in Kansas…
New swine flu likely widespread…

Fear Factory

Tea Party Fall-Out


Congress and AIPAC

BiPartisan BiGender Torture Complicity

Meme Management – MemeWars – ThoughtCrime

PsyOps / Anti “Conspiracy Theory” Propaganda

Police State / Taser Abuse Report

Columbine and Copycats

Anomalous / UFO News (Hat tips to

Ancient Humanity

A superb documentary tells the true and intriguing story of the discovery of a Bronze Age artifact in a German forest and how the artifact was recovered from the grave robbers who uncovered it. The nine-part series of videos, each around five minutes long, also tells the significance of the small metal disc the tomb raiders uncovered. Key quote: “It’s the find of a lifetime. Indeed, the find of several lifetimes.” Does this small metal object prove civilization arrived in Europe 3600 years ago?

Ghosts, Hauntings and Paranormal Investigations


In today’s maverick science news: Professor Gordon S. “Grover” Krantz was a teacher of osteology, the study of bones, at Washington State University. He was also an avid Bigfoot investigator, often featured in television documentaries about the legendary creature. The Smithsonian National Museum has become Krantz’s final resting place, just as he requested, and the recreation of the skeletons of Krantz and his beloved wolfhound Clyde, are now on exhibit. Meanwhile, another type of immortality is envisioned in Freezing Lazarus: The Cryonics of Eternal Life. (