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Every little bit helps.

 – SMiles & Mack

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22 10 2010
Pandabonium (08:28:35) :

Dear Mack and SMiles,

I just came across your program on the internet tubes yesterday and I’m very impressed. Thanks for an entertaining yet information packed radio show. This has been an area of interest for me for decades (I’m 60) starting with Mae Brussell’s work.

I am a US citizen, but left six years ago (just before the 2004 Presidential “selection”) and haven’t been back. Best move I ever made, along with “killing” my TV many years ago. Hats off to you both for carrying on and continuing to expose who and what is “behind the curtain”.

aka Pandabonium

PS The best source of information regarding the UFO phenomenon is the 1974 LP “Everything You Know Is Wrong” by Firesign Theatre ;^)

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