Theme / Intro

  • Summer 2009 Intro-Theme – Listen

Bumper Music

Set Two from March –  2010

  • – Warning (Social and Social-Political Injustices) [Live] by Roky Erickson
  • Southern Sky Tells All by Yppah
  • Untitled by Themselves
  • Transmission by Joy Division
  • Beauty Beats by Beats Antique
  • More Premiering Soon !

Set Two from July –  2009

  • Staring at the Sun by TV On The Radio
  • Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine from Loveless
  • Summerhead by Cocteau Twins from Four-Calendar Café
  • Rumble by Link Wray
  • My Underwear Froze on the Clothes Line Last Night by The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
  • Masters of War performed/covered by Dragon Tears

Set One from January – June 2009

  • You’re Gonna’ Miss Me by Roky Erickson
  • Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine by T. Tex Edwards
  • Jesus is Tapping Your Phone Line by The Fugs
  • Fuck the FCC by Steve Earle
  • Shit From An Old Notebook by The Minutemen from Double Nickles on the Dime
  • Jungle Lobotany by Ed Hall from Albert
  • I Am Seeing UFOs by Dee Dee & Joey Ramone
  • Idiot Driver by Spoon from Telephono

2 responses to “Music”

15 08 2011
SubgeniusD (08:57:11) :

Hi guys – I appreciate the weekly comprehensive notes and the time they must take. But with such great bumper music it would be nice to see quick description-links on a weekly basis. Thanks – Daniel

9 10 2011
admin (13:46:01) :

Hi Daniel Subgeni!

Thanks for the reminder. Will try and be better about that from now on.

– SMiles

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