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12 06 2012
Ben Holbrook (08:43:32) :

On the NC outlaws sea level rise link to a supposedly SciAm blog post on same topic, let me point out a few things…

First, my bona fides…BS in engineering (NCSU, 3.9/4.0); BS in Meteorology (TAMU 3.8/4.0) Yeah I know, not Austin…but you go where the USAF sends you; MS in Atmospheric Sciences (NCSU 3.8/4.0); retired USAF Lt Col, 23 years, 20 of that in weather. Worked at the Air Force Combat Climatology Center (co-located with the National Climatic Data Center) in Asheville NC…I actually was the officer in charge of moving it from St Louis to NC. I know weather (wx), climo, and bureauspeak.

The NC Gen Assy is saying that linear extrapolations MAY be used, but not with nonlinear data included…you either use a linear fit or some other fit to the data (accelerated = non-linear rate of change), but don’t mix the two. Just bureauspeak, just like I encountered in the Pentagon for 6 years. Actually it is sound policy if you strip it from the obvious soundbite value.

I have dealt with being assumed to be a fool due to my accent for nearly 60 years, but that’s to be expected and works to my advantage in lots of cases. However, my hackles pop up when a supposedly knowledgeable brand like SciAm lets a blogger swipe an entire state with a broad fool brush.

I was a Texas resident for 16 years…and I saw at least as much goonthink there as NC, or GA, or CO, or CA, or…you get it I’m sure.

BTW, I am not a kneejerk mil drone either…the fact I found this comment while listening to PsiOp Radio after finding you on BoA shows I am at least open to the alternatives. And, having grown up in a series of haunted houses, having my parents home cleaned of EVIL spirits before moving to Texas, having a grandmother that saw UFOs often (and tried to get me out of bed one night to see five overhead…I didn’t to my eternal dismay), as well as having predictive and lucid dreams puts me in a subset of the typical people holding my skill set. Maybe being a Hendrix-playing guitarist/luthier for 47 years has something to do with it?…LOL

I know you just posted the link, so this isn’t a slam on you. I quit subscribing to SciAm years ago after finding opinion mixed with fact without attribution on several occasions, and didn’t want to register their again to post there…

FWIW, good site here. Change is in the wind, for sure.

Please take this as intended, as correction, not ignorant indignance.

Finally, I helped write Owning the Weather in 2032 (yeah, 2032, not the 2025 that some student wrote at the Air University in Montgomery, AL. I was the Director of Environmental Support (with TS/SCI multi-compartment clearances) for one of the highest classified organizations in the weeds of DC, and had a hack (wrote/verified portions relevant to my areas, then approved the whole doc) on the classified support portion of the document.

Drop a line if you ever need a hack on something yourself concerning this or other wx topics rather than guessing. I’ll be bound by my 70 year NDA but will help as I can.

Carry On

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