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20 12 2017

PsiOp Radio 203 – 171220 News Links

The DeLonge DelusionParts One & Two by Robbie Graham

UFaux vs TrUFO: Planetary Poltergeists & Weapons of Mass Enchantment by SMiles Lewis (UFOs: Reframing the Debate)

“More recently we have pop-punk singer turned UFO disclosure spokesperson Tom DeLonge claiming contact with military sources feeding him information verifying a wide variety of UFO myths. However, thanks to the WikiLeaks release of John Podesta’s emails, we have record of DeLonge perhaps giving us a truer hint at what his military mentors are really after. DeLonge says in an email to Podesta, “This project is about changing the cynical views of youth towards government.“”

DeLonge, Thomas. (2016, February). “Fwd: Interesting news.” WikiLeaks – The Podesta Emails. emails/emailid/33552


UFO News: DeLonge Disinfo / Patriotic Propaganda

“His interest in UFOs extends back to the 1980s. It was rekindled in the 90s when Reid spoke to senator and former astronaut John Glenn about unknown aerial objects. Reid eventually met in a secure room in the U.S. capitol to ask Senators Daniel Inouye and Ted Stevens if they would authorize funds for a quiet but serious study of UFOs. Both agreed.

 . . .

“Even though this was a secure program,we wanted to make sure people couldn’t complain about it that it was some sweetheart deal. No, it was put out to bid,” Reid says.

The contract was posted for months. The winning bid came from Las Vegas space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, a billionaire who had funded his own UFO studies for years. Bigelow built secure facilities inside his aerospace company.


UFO-Pentagon Story Reflects Fundamental Problems – Jack Brewer’s UfoTrail

… More from Mufon’s former International Director James Carrion in Brewer’s The Greys Have Been Framed book:



James Carrion replaces John Schuessler as head of MUFON…

“In November 2006, John Schuessler retired as MUFON’s International Director and James Carrion was selected as his replacement. The headquarters was relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado. In 2008, James Carrion, Jan Harzan, Chuck Modlin and John Schuessler met with Robert Bigelow and his team to seek ways to establish cooperation between the organizations. Later, Carrion negotiated a contract with Bigelow Aerospace that allowed MUFON to organize a funded rapid-response effort that could put investigators in the field on high value UFO cases within 24-hours. It also gave Bigelow Aerospace access to the MUFON Case Management System. Unfortunately, dissident UFO buffs quickly came up with nonsense conspiracy theories about the cooperative agreement and spread malcontent and disinformation about it across the Internet. James Carrion resigned in 2009.”

DeLonge Overload – And a Secret Federal UFO Investigations Program! Robert Sheaffer’s BadUFOs &

“Bigelow received his initial federal UFO funds in late 2008, and the one obvious (in hindsight) use of them was (ironically) the contract he signed with MUFON in February, 2009 to fund their “STAR Team Rapid Response UFO Investigation Unit.” 

The STAR Team Impact Project (SIP) was a MUFON program funded in part by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) where MUFON was subcontracted to provide information from the CMS data base (website) and witness reports related to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) directly to BAASS.

MUFON had a contract with BAASS (per the terms of the contract agreement) MUFON provided data from sighting reports that were submitted to MUFON CMS website in exchange for BAASS paying funds directly to MUFON each month. This Contract was sometimes referred to as a Purchase Agreement (purchase of information) and the project was referred to as the SIP Project (STAR Team Impact Project).

Part of this money was used to directly fund the STAR TEAM, which consisted of paid investigators who would be deployed to investigate the most compelling cases and a dispatch operation that would work continuous shifts to monitor the activity of the cases coming into the CMS website.

Unfortunately, Bigelow’s deal with MUFON quickly turned sour. According to Richard Lang, who was the manager of the STAR Team, the deal soon got tangled up in financial controversy and audits, and was terminated in January, 2010. He says that MUFON only received about $324,000 total from Bigelow, a small fraction of the money Bigelow received from the federal government.

So far as I am aware (and I talk to a lot of MUFON people), none of them were aware that Bigelow was in essence passing federal funding onto them. In fact, I am sure that some of them will be upset that Bigelow was, in essence, making them unknowingly participate in a federally-funded investigation.

Data on the Federal Elections Committee website shows that Bigelow was a campaign contributor to Harry Reid.”

“[Bigelow] doesn’t need more money,” he explains. “He’s a very likeable guy, but he’s been convinced all along that we’re being ‘visited.’ And it doesn’t mean [aliens are visiting us] just because a person of note thinks it’s true. The thing that’s a little disturbing about this is that it seems a lot of the money for this study went to Bob Bigelow. I think that if you really wanted to investigate this stuff, the thing to do is to give this to scientists or experts in the field that don’t have a dog in the fight.”

“The New York Times fake news apocalypse has reached perfection with a front page story claiming UFOs exist. No surprise to see CIA-parapsychology-Scientology frauds like Harold E Puthoff involved and the most basic journalistic questions unasked.”

Bigelow’s Trail of Ufological Destruction…





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Gerard Ramalho | KSNV 

Gerard Ramalho anchors the weekend evening newscasts on News 3. You’ll also see him covering the big stories that affect our community, as well as the fun stories that make Las Vegas unique. In his career he has reported on several events of national significance, including the abduction and murder of Amber …

Gerard Ramalho – NBC Las Vegas – Home | Facebook 

Gerard Ramalho – NBC Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada. 1493 likes · 1 talking about this. Gerard Ramalhois an Anchor and Reporter at News 3. Tweets:…

NBC Anchor: Police Confirm Two Shooters Conducted Las Vegas ……/nbc-anchor-police-confirm-two-shooters-conducted-las-vegas… 

6 days ago – An NBC News anchor claims that police sources confirmed that at least two shooters with ‘high-powered’ weapons were responsible for the Las Vegas massacre. KSNV 3 anchor Gerald Ramalhotold viewers that Las Vegas police confirmed to him that there were, in fact, two shooters who fired their …

NBC Anchor: Police CONFIRM 2 SHOOTERS conducted LAS VEGAS …
Dec 12, 2017 – Uploaded by Classic 1

KSNV 3 anchor Gerard Ramalho told viewers that Las Vegas police confirmed to him that there were, in fact …




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PsiOp Radio 202 w/guest Curt Collins (podcast)

13 12 2017

PsiOp Radio 202 – 171213 (podcast)

Mack and SMiles ‘Reframe the UFO Debate’ with Curt Collins; along the way they discuss Texas’ Cash-Landrum case, the (NOT) Roswell Slides and The Saucers That Time Forgot!

Curt Collins is the author and researcher behind Blue Blurry Lines, a website focused on mysteries, hoaxes and legends about UFOs. After retiring from a career in retail management, Curt began writing about UFOs, with a special interest in re-investigating the paradoxical 1980 Texas Cash-Landrum UFO case. More recently, Curt was on the investigative team known as the Roswell Slides Research Group. Curt lives in the southern United States, near Jackson, Mississippi.

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Live Wednesdays from 8-9pm Central Standard Time.



UFOs: Reframing the Debate … 

PsiOp Radio 191 w/guest Greg Bishop Reframing the UFO Debate

20 09 2017

PsiOp Radio 191 w/guest Greg Bishop Reframing the UFO Debate

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Mack and SMiles talk with guest Greg Bishop about his essay in the UFOs: Reframing the Debate anthology – “The Co-Creation Hypothesis: Human Perception, the Informational Universe, and the Overhaul of UFO Research.”

Available in Paperback & eBook Formats from White Crow Books

Featuring Over a Dozen Contributors including…

UFOs: Reframing The Debate Book Trailer

Drone footage filmed by Greg Bishop

Greg Bishop is the author of multiple books on strange subjects, a Los Angeles based radio host of the Radio Misterioso show, Excluded Middle magazine Editor, Project Censored Award Winner, Conspiracy Zone tv-show consultant, author of numerous magazine articles, digital audio engineer, film production supervisor, professional drone pilot and paraglider pilot.

His writing and research includes the acclaimed books PROJECT BETA – The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth, Weird California, and other sources.

Greg’s writing on the UFO subject appeared regularly at the  UFOmystic blog and was recently compiled (along with new writings) into his latest work, It Defies Language! Essays On UFOs And Other Weirdness.

Articles from Greg’s magazine are at the ExcludedMiddle site. The rest is contained in the anthology Wake Up Down There!

He also recently contributed to the anthology, UFOs: Reframing the Debate, edited by Robbie Graham.

UFO Mystic with Greg Bishop and Nick Redfern


PsiOp Radio 189 – 170906 – Mack Interviews SMiles about Reframing the UFO Debate

6 09 2017

09/06/2017 – Wednesday – Mack and SMiles launch a new series of interviews with contributors to the anthology, UFOs: Reframing the Debate – Edited by Robbie Graham. They begin tonight with Mack White interviewing SMiles Lewis about his essay, TrUFOs vs UFauxs: Planetary Poltergeists & Weapons of Mass Enchantment. Future shows will feature interviews with the other contributors to this anthology.

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UFOs: Reframing the Debate – Edited by Robbie Graham

Available in Paperback & eBook Formats from White Crow Books

Featuring Over a Dozen Contributors including…

UFOs: Reframing The Debate Book Trailer


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