PsiOp Radio 207 w/guest Joshua Cutchin (podcast)

31 01 2018

PsiOp Radio 207 w/guest Joshua Cutchin (podcast)

Mack and SMiles Reframe the UFO Debate with Joshua Cutchin in a frolicking romp across esoteric landscapes populated by UFO denizens, aboriginal faeries, and foot-stomping sasquatch.

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Outro music: Shredded Trauma by Soft and Furious

Live Wednesdays from 8-9pm Central Standard Time. / / 

Prior to pursuing his dream of becoming a full-time author and musician in 2015, Joshua Cutchin served as Public Affairs Director of the University of Georgia Hugh Hodgson School of Music for three years. During his tenure at UGA, Joshua authored over one hundred articles, press releases, and blog posts.



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