PsiOp Radio 198 – 171108

8 11 2017

PsiOp Radio 198 – 171108

Mack and SMiles discuss the latest America-Amok Mass-Shootings, the Paradise Papers and JFK (semi) document dumps and more.

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Guest Mike Clelland – artist, author, backpacker, experiencer, and contributor to UFOs: Reframing the Debate and author of The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee

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The Paradise Papers Document Dump


“That TMZ would use the above image of Senator Rand Paul to accompany the story of the attack against him, even if allegedly taken from the news conference about the assault, appears to be a form of visual editorializing.”

Rand Warren – Loren Coleman @ Twilight Language

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Saw Loren Coleman’s post about Rand being attacked and the TMZ “editorializing” via image use … reminded me of the case of local Fox News reporter Phillip Perea who lost his job partly over his editorializing use of a photo of Austin’s then police chief. Perea later committed suicide in front of the Fox News hq in NYC
“The picture that started it all: Amanda Jo Stephen and Art Acevedo”
  • Former Fox news staffer suicide and Acevedo

  • Report: Fox News protestor shoots himself outside News Corp. building
    By DYLAN BYERS | 1/26/15 10:33 AM EST
  • Former Fox Station Employee Shoots Himself Outside News Corporation Building
    By Pervaiz Shallwani and Rebecca Davis O’Brien
  • Phillip Perea Commits Suicide
    Former Fox employee blames corp for killing his career
    By Chase Hoffberger, Jan. 26


Child, 3 adults shot in I-35 shooting spree; suspect arrested

“Police said 911 calls came in from multiple locations along Interstate 35 — from south Austin at Stassney Lane all the way up to Wells Branch Parkway, which is an 18-mile stretch along the interstate.”

Amok-America / Copycat Effects: Las Vegas Updates / Austin Vehicular Shootings / Sutherland Springs Church Attack

sMiles writes:
“So with the internet rumors that yesterday was supposed to be the start of conflagrations between AntiFa / Alt-Right actors … having seen some sort of political parade downtown yesterday, then a couple streets over I saw a handful of Open Carry activists with their Assault Rifles (snapped a picture of them) … I was surprised to read this morning about this crazy incident in North Austin” See, Four injured after multiple highway shootings, suspect in custody.
Kelley himself had attended the church in the past, but was not welcomed there, Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt said. The sheriff said church Pastor Frank Pomeroy saw Kelley at church events and described him as “not a good person to be around.”
“He did not think that he was a good person and did not want him around his church,” Tackitt said of the pastor. “But he said, ‘How do I run him away from my church?'”


RELATED: Russian Influence of America’s Online Dialog – Stoking the Next American Civil War?

“Jerky” wrote:

Russian bots are in the midst of a massive, desperate, concerted and centrally controlled effort – using falsified mock-ups of the attacker’s deleted Facebook page – to somehow connect the shooter to “antifa”.


JFK Doc (Not So) Dump


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