PsiOp Radio 192 – 170927

27 09 2017

PsiOp Radio 192 – 170927

Mack and SMiles discuss the Gulf Crises (from Mexico and Texas to Florida and Puerto Rico), the NFL controversy diversion, the Cuban Embassy Health Mystery, and more.

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Outro music: Shredded Trauma by Soft and Furious


Puerto Rico’s National flower: Maga!
Image result for official flower of puerto rico Image result for flor de maga puerto rico
Puerto Rico’s national flower is the flor de maga. The Maga is closely related to hibiscus but unlike the common hibiscus, the Maga is a saucer size flower and grows on a large tree. The maga is native to Puerto Rico and is grown in tropical climates as an ornamental plant, with pink or red flowers. Flor Maga – El Boricua


Puerto Rico Humanitarian Disaster


Politics of Distraction and Division / Bread & Circus Distractions


Free Speech on Campus?


Cuba Sonic Attacks Mystery




JFK Doc Dump News… PBS Vietnam Series: Glossing Over JFK’s Exit Strategy

Misc Headlines


ParaPolitical Obits


Copycat Effects


Surveillance State 


Empire Drone Strikes Back Again and Again 


Police State Headlines – GOOD News For a Change!


Deep State?


The REAL RussiaGate: Online PsyOps Media Manipulation


Misc CenTex News


Apocalypse Pretty Soon