PsiOp Radio 190 – 170913

13 09 2017

PsiOp Radio 190 – 170913

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Outro music: Shredded Trauma by Soft and Furious

Mack and SMiles reminisce about the September 11th Anniversary and the Post-911 parapolitical landscape.


Austin Para Times editorial about September 11th 2001 911

circa 2002 by SMiles Lewis (Video)

Austin-Para-Times editorial about September-11th-2001 (911) circa 2002 by SMiles Lewis. In 2005 I turned the editorial into the first episode of my 911-Podcast. Several years later that audio podcast was aired by a friend on 91.7-fm KOOP radio. In 2015 I created this video montage using that same audio in preparation for a brief informal presentation titled: “SynchroMystic-911: Deep ParaPolitics & Esoteric-Occult High-Strangeness Surrounding September 11th” The first part of the audio deals with the very real and provable Covert Ops, Deep State, Parapolitical elements of the 911 events. The second part deals with the precognitive parapsychological psychic ripple effects that were psensed before and during the events of that fateful day.


September 11th Anniversary


Weather Wars


Police State / Free Speech / Civil Liberties


AntiFa / Black Bloc and UnCivil Disobedience


Statue Wars


Technocracy / Surveillance State


Anti-Hate Industrial Complex


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Texas News / War on SOME Drugs


From Russian With Love


The Murder of Seth Rich


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Blue Rose Reports – It WAS Happening, Again…