PsiOp Radio 168 – 130203

4 02 2013


Feminine Rising by Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann (9/14/33 – 2/1/13)

Download Archived Podcast: POR130203a.mp3


SMiles takes a vacation … Midnight Waves at Kona House (mp3)


Copycat Effects / Guns on the Brain / Brave New Schools


Guns Guns Guns Guns Guns


Suicide Blood Sport


Political Psychiatry / Memetic PsiOp Warfare State

Intermission Music: Kris Kristofferson performing They Killed Him


“… Fourteen Foot Cobra, With Nine-Inch Fangs,

Firing Lasers Out Of Its Eyes, With Seventeen Godzillas,

Shooting Flying Saucers Out Their Nose.”

Alex Jones Gun Analogy


Surveillance Society / SkyNet / DroneWars


Martial Law / Police State in Amerika

Other News


Alt-News Outlets

  • – Unaugmenting Your Reality, Alternative News, Opinons, International Human Press


Activism: Idle No More


Lost Austin


CenTex Headlines


SyncrhoMystic Studies


Cryptozoology News


AssassiNation Anniversaries


Outro Music: Bob Dylan performing I Aint Gonna Go to Hell for Anybody



Climate News


The 911 Truth Movement Was An Inside Job


Mind Kontrol


Just Plain Weird



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