PsiOp Radio 167 – 121129

30 11 2012



Psychedelic Saucer Obits

Spain Rodriguez, RIP

Larry Hagman, LSD, and Life-after-Death

MK-Ultra, LSD, and The Murder of Frank Olson


Life in Wartime: Military Suicide



SkyNet Lives / DroneWar News



TSA: Total Sexual Assault of American Society Continues…


Surveillance Society / Freedom of Information


Martial Law / Police State News


 Fringe Science Headlines


 Bradley Manning


Outro Music: Almost Gone by Graham Nash and James Raymond



JFK Coup Anniversary News


CenTex Surveillance Society


Big Farma


Israel Jumps the Shark, Again


Copycat Effects


Benghazi 911 – 2012 



Marijuana Madness Grows!


Blue Rose Reports




 Misc News


Paranormal News




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