PsiOp Radio 165 – 121002

4 10 2012

PsiOp-Radio Returns! Mack and SMiles catch-up with each other, covering the latest news and information.

Musical interludes and outerludes:


 UpComing Austin-IONS Events:

Other UpComing Texas Events:



The US Government’s War on Dissent / CenTex Dissent

TSA / Police State / Fed Provocations Agencies

Economic End-Times

Presidential Selection



Crystallize (Violin Dubstep) HD

Surveillance Society

Criminalizing Humanity

Weird Headlines


Listen Free Via Phone 979-282-4126

(Know your calling plan, long-distance fees may apply)

Robert Friend, a former director of the Air Force’s nearly 20-year UFO study, Project Blue Book, says that science should continue looking…”

Mind Kontrol & Human Experimentation and … UFO News?


Books I’m Reading or Recently Read…

Resurrection Express by Stephen Romano

Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control by Harvey M. Weinstein, M.D.

911 As Mass Ritual by S.K. Bain


Drone News


More Weird Headlines

Blue Rose Reports: Human Trafficking Ignites UT, Lawmakers

War on Some Drugs

More Texas / Southern News


MODE03 Djunya Uprise



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