PsiOp Radio 151 – 110814

14 08 2011

PsiOp Radio 151 – 110814

Flashback: Record Military Suicides and Gov-Mil Complicity

More US Soldiers have Died by Suicide than in Conflict

Veterans Administration Tried to Conceal Extent of Attempted Veteran Suicides, Email Shows
by Jason Leopold – 2008

Iraq War Veteran on a Mental-Health Mission
by Dahr Jamail – 2009

Mike Prysner: Courageous Testimony from an Iraq War Veteran
by Gary Kohls – 2010 on 2008 speech

Gulf War Syndrome, PTSD and Military Suicides: U.S. Government’s Message to America’s Vets: “Drop Dead”
by Richard Gale and Gary Null – 2010

Suicide Claims More US Military Lives Than Afghan War
by James Cogan – 2010


The American Nightmare

An Economy Destroyed: The Enemy Is Washington, by Paul Craig Roberts

The Death of the Republic

Racial Strife, Civil Unrest in Wisconsin

VIDEO: Witnesses describe mobs, some people claim racially-charged attacks
VIDEO: Witnesses Describe Mob Attacks Outside Wis. State Fair
State Fair melees produce 11 injuries, 31 arrests
Heightened security at Wisconsin State Fair after violence

The Government’s War OF Terror

Copter downing in Afghanistan kills 30 Americans
Afghan president: 31 Americans killed in crash
US Army Veteran Tortured by His Own Military

The Government’s War on (Some) Drugs

Mexico town’s police force quits after attack
U.S. soldiers dangerously over-medicated with antipsychotic drugs Barr On Legalizing Pot & Running For President: If Sarah Palin Can Do It, So Can I
The Government’s War on (Real) Food:
Rawesome Foods raid victims stripped of First Amendment rights with court gag order
VIDEO: Infowars Special with Mike Adams: FDA & CDC Perpetuating Culture of Sickness and Death

Rick Perry, Anti-Christ

Perry Leads Prayer Rally for ‘Nation in Crisis’
Community of evangelicals in Central Texas plan to attend to pray for nation, leaders
Rigby: The right ‘Response’ would be to look into ourselves for guidance

Airport Hell

VIDEO: TSA Illegally Confiscates Pregnant Woman’s Insulin As “Explosives Risk”
Ashley Yang, transgendered former TSA agent, was forced to pat down male passengers: suit
Now the TSA Wants to Interrorate Us, Too
The TSA Robs You To Run a Thrift Store

Police State News

Washington prosecutor wants to jail cartoonist for mocking police

FLDS: Follow the Money

Homeland Security dollars help FLDS “lifestyle”
Polygamist~Sect Members Case

US Riots

About 50 teens arrested in Philly curfew crackdown

Police: State Fair mugger targeted whites; ‘easy targets’ Philadelphia Mayor Fed Up with Flash Mobs
5 Reasons Why American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World
U.S. Plan for London Like Riots – Use of Military – CONPLAN 2502


UK Riots

Police Were Ordered To Stand Down As London Burned

Claim: Youths Offered Money To Start Riots

Amazon Disarms Brits By Banning Self-Defense Items



Is Revolution In the Air? If So, Let It Be an American Revolution

Pollster: Americans Are “Pre-Revolutionary”

8 Reasons Young Americans Don’t Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance

Police State News

BART cuts cell phone service to stop protest

DHS says Terror Watchlist is exempt from Privacy Act

Rick Perry

Prayer Rally Dwarfed By Texans Who Flock To Nearby Convention Center, Desperate For Free School Supplies

Bomb-Sniffing Bees, Plants, Crystals, etc

VIDEO: Bomb-Sniffing Honeybees

Scientists Enlist Plants to Detect Explosives

Bomb-Sniffing Wasps

Bomb-Sniffing Worms

Bomb-Sniffing Crystals

Bomb-Sniffing Robots

Wikipedia: Fido Explosives Detector

Militarized Dolphins



News Corp. Probes Advance in U.S.

BATFE’s Speed and Fury

FARAGO: Was CIA behind Operation Fast and Furious?

Insider: CIA Orchestrated Operation Fast and Furious

Insider: CIA Orchestrated Operation Fast and Furious -gov allowed Mexican drug cartel to import tons of cocaine


Crime in the Streets

More ParaPolitical & PoliceState Headlines & 911 News

An Explosive New 9/11 Charge
In a new documentary, ex-national security aide Richard Clarke suggests the CIA tried to recruit 9/11 hijackers—then covered it up. Philip Shenon on George Tenet’s denial.

6 Creepy New Weapons the Police and Military Use To Subdue Unarmed People
From microwave energy blasters and blinding laser beams to chemical agents and deafening sonic blasters, these weapons are at the cutting edge of crowd control.

Could the Pentagon Be Responsible for Your Death?
The Military’s Marching Orders to the Jihadist World. By Tom Engelhardt

Mark of the Beast

Electronic skin tattoo has medical, gaming, spy uses

Blue Rose Reports

Actor Corey Feldman Says Pedophilia No. 1 Problem for Child Stars, Contributed to Demise of Corey Haim (Video)


Paranormal / UFO News

Hilary Evans Dies

Ted Gunderson passes away…-dead

Crop circles ‘created using GPS, lasers and microwaves’

Going underground: The massive European network of Stone Age tunnels that weaves from Scotland to Turkey



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