PsiOp Radio podcast 147 – 110612

14 06 2011




2 responses to “PsiOp Radio podcast 147 – 110612”

17 06 2011
SubgeniusD (11:41:19) :

Hey Guys – Another fascinating and (as usual) disturbing episode.

What was that cool “psychedelic” number you featured a couple times half way or so through the program? I think you mentioned Rocky? Sounded like a live track. And where might this track be obtained?

Keep fighting the Police State (TAD) with this actually “fair and balanced” alterna-news series. And Texas news is in fact National news as it impacts all of us. Thanks – Daniel.

17 06 2011
admin (13:53:57) :

Thanks for the feedback Daniel!

The song in question is “Slip Inside This House” from the album “Easter Everywhere” in 1967 by Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators.


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