PsiOp Radio 148 – 110626

26 06 2011

PsiOp Radio 148 – 110626

War: The Human Cost

Parapolitical Headlines

Ninety Percent of Petraeus’s Captured “Taliban” Were Civilians

Ray Nagin describes post-Hurricane Katrina paranoia in his new book

Pentagon Papers to be re-released


Texas vs TSA News

Surprise! TSA Is Searching Your Car, Subway, Ferry, Bus, AND Plane

Texas State Officials Groped By TSA As “Punishment”

MICHIGAN: Lawmaker wants to criminalize ‘intrusive’ searches by airport screeners

TSA changes pat-down procedures for young kids
Full container screening ‘not best’ move: US security chief
Two House members call for investigation of TSA

TSA Lies About Policy “Change” On Child Pat Downs

TSA Set To Take Legal Action Against Texas Groping Ban

Texas Lawmakers AWOL For Vote On TSA Groping Bill

House anti-groping bill breaks down, Senate version up Monday
TSA Tyranny Withdraws Support from House Version of TSA Anti-Groping Bill (HB41)
Texas Senator Compares TSA Fight To Revolutionary War
Stand-off over TSA grope-down bill another “come and take it” moment for Texas
U.S. Homeland Security Committee demands TSA explain reports of racial profiling at Newark airport

CenTex News

Austin DWI Controversy

D.W.I. case against radio host dismissed from lack of evidence
DWI policing may see changes

“Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.” War Without End

President ‘becoming an absolute monarch’ on war powers, Dem says

Under Obama, U.S. Casualty Rate in Afghanistan Increased 5-Fold


Israel Headlines

What’s Really Going On at the Israeli Institute for Biological Research?
Exposing Israel’s Most Dangerous Secret


“Billions and Billions” Lost

New York Fed Refuses To Disclose Data On “The Largest Theft Of Funds In National History” Which Could Be Three Times Larger Than Expected

THE SPOILS OF WAR – October 2007
Billions over Baghdad by Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele

Money for Nothing – OCTOBER 24, 2005 ISSUE

How the US sent $12bn in cash to Iraq. And watched it vanish
Special flights brought in tonnes of banknotes which disappeared into the war zone

End The Drug War

Lawmakers to introduce bill to legalize marijuana

Lawmakers to introduce bill to legalize marijuana
Olbermann plays clips from pot movies to discuss legalization
Scientists want to dig up Shakespeare to find out if he smoked weed

BATFE’s Strategy of Tension in Mexico

Exposed: The secret guns sting that backfired on the US
Carney: Obama “Did Not Know About Or Authorize” Border Gunrunning Operation
Obama Administration Caught Running False Flag Against Second Amendment

Head of ATF Is Likely to Go

2500 guns sent to Mexican cartels by ATF


TexMex Border War Going Hot?

Man Shot, Killed at U.S.-Mexico Border

Mexican troops cross into the United States at Bridge Two (Video)–124469714.html

Top Zeta leader Lazcano reportedly killed in gun battle Friday in Matamoros
Mexican teenage girls train as drug cartel killers
Markets, Murder and Trash: The Real New World Order Emerges in Juarez
Mexican troops cross into the United States at Bridge Two
“Why Aren’t You Speaking English?”

A Texas senator is receiving praise and criticism.

KTRH — Texas Senator Insulted Testimony in Spanish

KTRH talks about controversy started by State Senator


Global Thuggee Rapist Merc Police State Force

KBR Worker Says She Was Drugged and Raped in Iraq
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS / Published: June 20, 2011

Sen. Franken Questions an Arbitration Lawyer about Binding Arbitration

Documents Reveal Details of Alleged Labor Trafficking by KBR Subcontractor

Surveillance Society

Microdrones, Some as Small as Bugs, Are Poised to Alter War –
War Evolves With Drones, Some Tiny as Bugs

Website allows fellow drivers and businesses to message you (Video)

Facebook fatigue sets in for 100,000 Brits: Users bored with site deactivate accounts amid privacy fears

Facebook loses 1.5 million users in Canada

Facebook Lost U.S. Users Last Month

U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors department&st=cse

F.B.I. Agents Get Leeway to Push Privacy Bounds

Government’s War on Cameras

Journalists arrested for filming public meeting
Rochester Police Arrest Woman For Videotaping Them From Her Front Yard
Why I Was Arrested Yesterday at a D.C. Taxi Commission Meeting
The Government’s War on Cameras!


Police State Headlines

Student Loans and DOE S.W.A.T. Teams
by Wendy McElroy

Bellevue family sues FBI over ‘terrifying’ raid – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Ninety Percent of Petraeus’s Captured “Taliban” Were Civilians


Tortured Society

Haunted by Homicide: Federal Grand Jury Investigates War Crimes and Torture in Death of ‘the Iceman’ at Abu Ghraib, Plus Other Alleged CIA Abuses


Worldwide Disaster Watch

Fukushima: It’s Much Worse Than You Think
Scientific experts believe Japan’s nuclear disaster to be far worse than governments are revealing to the public.
by Dahr Jamail


Osama Fallout

Pakistan Arrests C.I.A. Informants in Bin Laden Raid

New Documents Claim Intelligence on Bin Laden, al-Qaeda Targets Withheld From Congress’ 9/11 Probe


SkyNet DroneWars

CIA to operate drones over Yemen


Weird Science

Tom Bogdan: ‘The sky at night stops me from sleeping’
The head of the world’s only civilian operation to forecast solar storms is a worried man. Steve Connor reports


Psychedelic Evolution

The Terence McKenna Experience – June 25th, 2011


Weird WTF Texas News

Two Chupacabras with Opposable Thumbs near Helotes and Stockdale?


Kids Lemonade Stand At U.S. Open Fined $500 And Shut Down By Montgomery County
Man files suit after ‘terrifying’ FBI raid on wrong house
Texas ‘psychic’ who sparked search for bodies won’t be charged
Tourists hurt in Hill City’s staged Western shootout
Three bystanders injured at Western shootout in South Dakota
F.B.I. seizes web servers, knocks sites offline
Chinese find 55ft ‘sea monster’
10 Signs That Nazis Run America
Things That The Mainstream Media Is Being Strangely Quiet About Right Now
Marine Reservist Held for Pentagon Incident
Where have all the snow globes gone? To the state surplus store
9/11 and the Orwellian Redefinition of “Conspiracy Theory”
Democrat: We Need ‘Analysis of How Christian Militants … Might Bring Down The Country’