PsiOp Radio 143 – 110508

7 05 2011

PsiOp Radio 143 – 110508



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    City of Bee Caves Make Asses of Themselves

    State Government Incompetence

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    Texas Tyranny: Toll Roads, Foreign Owned Utilities & Eminent Domain

    Texas Resistance to Tyranny

    “State Representative David Simpson (HD-7) reported this afternoon that we now 87 co-authors for HB 1937, the bill that criminalizes TSA groping without probable cause.  This should be enough to pull it out of calendars to the house floor.

    HB 1938, which bans the use of naked body scanners without probable cause or informed consent, is scheduled to be voted on today in the House Transportation Committee.

    Governor Perry has indicated he will sign both pieces of legislation if they are passed into law.”

    Texas Surveillance State

    Texas Wildfires, Refinery Alerts & a State of Emergency

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    Shuttle Madness


    TexMex Border War

    Drug War Insanity


    American: The Bill Hicks Story

    Bill Hicks bumper stickers from

    Obama Killed Osama Killed Obama Killed Osama Killed Obama Killed Osama Killed Obama

    Stealth Helo?

    Osama PsyOps?

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    Latest Front(s) in the War of Terror: Libya, Pakistan and Next… ?

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