Flashback: Austin Para Times reprints Alex Jones’ interview of Steve Pieczenik in 2002 – Osama bin Laden “On-Ice”

11 05 2011


Steve Pieczenik in 2002 – Osama bin Laden “On-Ice”

Austin Para Times issue 3 coverWhatever you think about the purported death of Usama bin Laden, you’ve probably heard the, “They’ve had him on ice since two-thousand and…” meme which has been circulating at least since early 2002 prompted in part by this famous interview between Alex Jones and Steve Pieczenik. We found the “Osama is on ice” meme and Pieczenik both to be rather provocative and so we reprinted the interview in the third issue of AUSTIN PARA TIMES magazine, which I was editing at the time.

So check out the PDFs for this interview via the links below:

Other online transcripts of the interview:

APT3pg16-Alex-Jones-interviews-Steve-Pieczenik APT3pg17-Alex-Jones-interviews-Steve-Pieczenik

PDF Downloads: apt3-pg16 / apt3-pg17

Here are some other articles and resources on the latest reported death of Osama bin Laden:

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. . .

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