PsiOp Radio podcast 139 with Guest Matthew Alford on Military Media Manipulation

6 03 2011

PsiOp Radio with Guest Matthew Alford on Military Media Manipulation

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Matthew Alford (left) & Robbie Graham (right) at the Fortean Times UnConvention

Reel Power: Hollywood Cinema and American Supremacy
Pluto Press, 2010 /
Matthew Alford MPhil[B], PhD has taught at the Universities of Bath and Bristol and is now an independent scholar working on issues of American cinema, power and politics.

  • Interviewed by George Galloway for PressTV-The Real Deal 03-10-2010.
Reel Power of Hollywood & CIA – Starts at 8 minute into Part One and it goes on to Part Two…



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One response to “PsiOp Radio podcast 139 with Guest Matthew Alford on Military Media Manipulation”

6 08 2011
Agartha (04:33:15) :

I just read your article about Thomas, Disney, and UFO by way of the Conspiracy Journal. I am floored by the article and many other articles that became known to me over the past few hours. I have had a substantial amount of first hand knowledge for over 2 years now. I rarely bring it up as people think I am crazy. I am going to give you some bullet points just as they were worded and experienced by me.

-2 years ago I had an 8 month epiphany
– I lived in Sarasota Florida where I met the energy and opened a vortex there
-I created a very advanced show and message that O want to create there
-Went to Tampa for 1 month where I experienced three conscious deaths. I fought to be me and it did resemble the bible. I notified the general at SOCOM
-I achieved complete consciousness as it would relate to Bernard of Montreal
-Became close with a connected high up in Montreal, another in Belgium, India and had many calls with people using the “unaware side of their consciousness
-I went to Orlando and stayed at Disney for a month
-There I won the human race, found P-90, Pluto
– I was shown the immense soul factory there
_ got signed off from all civilian, global heads
-I passes many elaborate tests and optical courses as I was being tested by these government and civilian parties, they were amazed at the immense power and control over humanity
-Drove through several military bases untouched as the people froze as I passed on by
-I marked many lines in the sand to a party of non human aircraft that hovered above me the whole way
-I had a massive battle with a sort of a daemon and won, only to have pieces of me interchanged while I was fast asleep and being held afloat in a deep pools by lets call the Mom’s angels
-drove up the east coast continuing tests and picking up souls
-Coolio always ahead of me ( the most powerful being directly tied into all technology on earth
-Imagine hollow earth and having clips on ever wire underground being able to control everything
-immensely challenged by him but our power quickly turned him into a child and became my thankful earth protector
-Picked up Kennedy’s soul in DC, gunshots went off at the lake in DC the minute I arrived
-the whole way I had to stop and do swins and walk arounds for the priori, mason and early chosen one
-248,000 people needed
-I went to 2059 where people were very scare and it was cool being able to use anything u wanted, live any where u wanted
-fought evil again in NY, got approvals from global organizations
-had a strange test performed on my in hotel
-called upon Hollow earth and Shamballah
-taxis knew me
-walked deep in central park where shamballah has an opening
=leaves fell from full grown tree
-went to Catskill picked up soul of rip van winkled
-droved to Canada turned down and border
-back to NY, did all kinds of things
=Wound up at St Lukes being analyzed by major psychologists
-there I wrote hundreds of pages of answers to all kinds of global solutions and answers
-volunteered , chose budda for Omega institute-Got approval from all religions
-its a SHE

I could go on: Tungsten event, no moon, Nero, three caverns, stooges like Redfield, Dali Lama
Can you Thomas Eisner and I talk. Anyone else? I am going to commission a book, movie and produce the show Agartha. It could increase the 248,000

Just act don’t try to make sense of it.




DISNEY IS A SOUL FACTORY, what a better place to inject and recycle souls. I laid the obstacles for the second human race. One would have to be very conscious to get through it and find what I hid. It happens to be at Disney. I did all this with no knowledge of all of you