PsiOp Radio podcast 136 with guest Mark Pilkington on UFO Disinfo “Mirage Men”

19 12 2010


PsiOp-Radio podcast 136 – Guest Mark Pilkington

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Mark Pilkington’s MIRAGE MEN Reviewed by Nick Redfern

Mark Pilkington’s Mirage Men is – I don’t exaggerate in saying – one of the most important UFO-themed books you’ll ever read. That is, if you dare to read the book, and don’t shy away from it because it might upset and unbalance your carefully constructed, nice and neat Ufological world.

Whether you are a full-on true-believer in the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), wholly open-minded on what lies at the heart of the UFO puzzle, a skeptic, or a rabid debunker, you should not ignore Mirage Men. Of course, your views on what lies at the heart of the UFO phenomenon – and which of the above-categories you fall into – will play a large role in determining your response and reaction to Mark’s book.

Those for whom Ufology is a modern-day religion, and one that offers a form of cosmic comfort, will be shocked, angered and perhaps even disillusioned by what they read. Doubtless, too, there will be a degree of hostility and outright denial on their part when faced with the crumbling of certain much-cherished belief-systems, ideas and (possibly) certain cases that have become classics within Ufology.

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2 responses to “PsiOp Radio podcast 136 with guest Mark Pilkington on UFO Disinfo “Mirage Men””

22 12 2010
Psiop Radio interview online | Mirage Men (04:41:07) :

[…] SMiles Lewis and Mack White of Psiop radio, veterans of the Austin, Texas underground comics and zine scene, have posted a recording of a two-hour interview/discussion we had in late November online – you can listen live or download it here. […]

6 01 2011
Luther Blissette (21:57:58) :

I’m a long-time fortean exploring the podcast world and I just wanted to say you guys are running an excellent site and show. Intelligent questions and guests, long shows, no pay to hear the 2nd half scam, excellent resources.

I’m sympathetic to the economics of these show (and as a fortean I try to avoid being overly judgmental) but far too many paranormal show hosts just nod their heads like bobble-headed dolls as their guests plug some ideas makes me stupider by just listening to it.

Thanks for the time and effort.

As for the show, I’ve never been a UFO-buff but I really enjoyed the parapolitics angle and the last quotes from you and Mark ended on the show on a excellent note. As Arthur C Clarke said “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” and it is scary to realize that the American military-industrial complex does have technology at this level because it is yoked to a foreign policy that is insufficiently advanced.