PsiOp Radio podcast 134 – 101114 : LIVE SHOW HIATUS

15 11 2010

The Weekly LIVE PsiOp-Radio Show Is Now On Extended-Semi-Hiatus. This will be the last live Sunday show for some time.

However, in the coming weeks Mack and SMiles will unveil a new monthly Interview Podcast.

Stay tuned to / / for UpDates!

HQ Version of Podcast 134



One response to “PsiOp Radio podcast 134 – 101114 : LIVE SHOW HIATUS”

16 11 2010
cindy (13:13:42) :

You guys,
I will miss your show a lot. Meanwhile, be well, both of you, and Mack – if your “flu” persists, maybe you should check out micro-electricity. Virtually free and very effective against bugs either viral or bacterial. Chronic or acute. And its harmless…
Will follow your podcasts and look forward to your live shows resuming, the sooner the better!
Your big fan,
ps there’s a group around the subject of microelectricity at yahoogroups. Its called, strangely enough, microelectritygermkillers. They will show you how to build a device with speaker wire,sponges and 6V. Do i have one and do i use it – yes.