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6 11 2010

WikiLeaks Bunker

PsiOp Radio 133 – 101107

WikiLeaks Bunker

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Mack White’s Blog:
Randy Quaid and the Hollywood Mafia
Randy Quaid and wife seek asylum from ‘star whackers’
Unedited Vancouver press conference: Randy Quaid exposes Hollywood Mafia
ABC News Interview with Randy and Evi Quaid / Extended Version (4 parts)
CBS News Interview:
Randy Quaid Stuck in Elevator With Nosy Canadian Media
Randy Quaid’s Wife Makes Statement Against Local Law Enforcement in Marfa
News Stories:
Randy Quaid Accuses Advisers of 22-Year Plot to Steal Assets

Why actor Randy Quaid and wife Evi fled the Hollywood ‘star whackers’ to Canada

Randy Quaid: “Star Whackers” Got Me

Oscar-Nominated Actor Says He’s Been Manipulated by Them, and They Got to Heath Ledger and David Carradine

Evi Quaid Skips 500K Bail

Randy Quaid Speaks Out

Quaid lawyer: Signatures forged in house sale …

Quaid attorney: “bounty hunters” pursuing Quaids
Quaid: Allegation of “Brokeback Mountain” money laundering scheme

Randy Quaid’s Wife Rips The Actors Equity Union

Randy Quaid gangstalked by “Star Whackers” – he names players but ABC/GMA declines, TMZ runs out of tauntz this time; financial & probate crimes in underbelly of Hollywoodland

Evi Quaid Link to Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s Doctor; CLAIM: Natasha Richardson Also Murdered

Evi Quaid Accuses Arresting Officer of Accepting Bribe
Randy Quaid’s Wife Makes Statement Against Local Law Enforcement in Marfa
Evi Quaid’s Sign in Marfa, Texas
Randy and Evi Quaid Suffering from Folie Deux Syndrome
Evi Quaid Link to Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s Doctor; CLAIM: Natasha Richardson Murdered
Illuminati Extorting Hollywood Stars?

Randy Quaid flooded with oppressed Targeted Individuals’ blessings

Randy Quaid blows whistle on celebrity Targeted Individuals
Extortion Hollywood Style
David Carradine and Heath Ledger:
David Carradine’s Ex Wife Supports Quaids; Someone Is Killing Stars!
‘David Carradine was murdered’ claims agent, as the Kill Bill star’s family ask the FBI to probe his death
Heath Ledger’s Children of God/Family International connection:

River Phoenix, Children of God Connection

Mel Gibson’s Ex-Lover Oksana Grigorieva Meets with JFK Assassination Expert Mark Lane

Oksana Grigorieva: I Did Not Blackmail Mel Gibson

Britney Spears Multiple Personality Info
CBS 2008 report on Britney Spears:  “Who Is Sam Lutfi?”
Names You Need To Know In 2011: BermanBraun
Hollywood History:
Wikipedia: David Begelman / Cliff Robertson Forgery and July Garland Extortion

The Two Faces of Mickey Cohen

King of the Sunset Strip

Hollywood and the Mob, by Tim Adler

BermanBraun strategic partnership with MSNBC:

Flashback to Carradine and Ledger Deaths

Targeted Individuals/Gang Stalking

ParaPolitical Events

AmeriKa Tortures Children & Our Own Soldiers

Death Squads, Torture, WikiLeaks and the War OF Terror

WikiLeaks Strikes Back – Headlines from the Week of 101024 – 101107

WikiLeaks Bunker

WikiLeaks Bunker


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“Jack Henderson, the author of Circumference of Darkness, bad 2005 novel about how 9/11 was an false-flag job by fascist teabaggers (before they were called that) who must be stopped by a nerdy anti-authoritarian conspiracy theorist, is the presumably well-compensated and acknowledged GHOSTWRITER of Overton Window, bad 2010 novel about how 9/11 was a false-flag job by liberal one-worlders who must be stopped by a nerdy anti-authoritarian teabagger.”

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