PsiOp Radio podcast 132 – 101017

18 10 2010

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One response to “PsiOp Radio podcast 132 – 101017”

19 10 2010
laura brown (11:43:19) :

just found your show again : ) –love it before BUT tonight i think you put alot of your listeners on the edge–you talk pretty bad about 3 or 4 of our other favorites host and/or guests-(we like too)-Aut just because you might
Not agree with them, it doesnt make you sound any better when ya knock them / their views– espically the Coast to coast views–maybe not so much with Art but with George–WHO ALWAYS SAYS–“WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO OUR VIEWS” Even when some are W A Y out there lol : ) Coast to coast has informed us of everything going on in the world from everybodies point of view–take this only constructively please–i mean no harm But alot of US & a Loves George Noory–and ufo’s are real ive seen them–and those were not baloons in n.y!! lol just my view now im gonna listen to the rest of your show–i like to hear all views-& ponder!!