PsiOp Radio 133 – 101024

23 10 2010

WikiLeaks Bunker

PsiOp Radio 133 – 101024

WikiLeaks Bunker

WikiLeaks Strikes Back

WikiLeaks Bunker

WikiLeaks Bunker

Scott Horton Interviews …

London’s 7/7 Inquest

JFK Assassination Headlines

Dr. David Kelly Inquest & Continued Coverup

Revolution Yet?

Mind & Body Health

Standing Up to Police State

Police State / Surveillance Society

Full Spacial Dominance

On “The Tea Party” …

ParaPolitical Media Control

The Quaid Conspiracy

911 Headlines

“Jack Henderson, the author of Circumference of Darkness, bad 2005 novel about how 9/11 was an false-flag job by fascist teabaggers (before they were called that) who must be stopped by a nerdy anti-authoritarian conspiracy theorist, is the presumably well-compensated and acknowledged GHOSTWRITER of Overton Window, bad 2010 novel about how 9/11 was a false-flag job by liberal one-worlders who must be stopped by a nerdy anti-authoritarian teabagger.”

Jack Riddler

The State as Parental Unit

The State, Scientific Dictatorship, Torture and Mind Kontrol

Space Exploration / Science News

Drone Wars

Here, There & Everywhere – UFOs!!! What About ET?

Eugenics / DePopulation News

Psi / Parapsychology Headlines