PsiOp Radio 125 – 100815 w/guest Nick Redfern

15 08 2010

PsiOp Radio 125 – 100815 w/guest Nick Redfern

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George Adamski never met an alien named Orthon – and he never took wild flights around the solar system. Likewise, George Hunt Williamson’s fascination with both the board and the planchette did not put him in contact with long-haired Venusians. And, as much as it saddens me to say so, there never was a Captain Aura Rhanes of the equally non-existent planet of Clarion.

But…those same Contactees did experience something

And, it is that something which has utilized certain, key archetypes throughout history as a means to interact with those elements of the Human Race that it chooses (probably at random) to do its bidding, to spread the word, and to elevate both our consciousness and our worldview.

Centuries ago it appeared in the form of gods, angels, demons, fairies and goblins. 60 years ago, the phenomenon reawakened from its slumber, headed for the heart of California, and mind-fucked dozens of souls with its messages of peace, love and cosmic harmony.

Today, it appears in the form of ugly, black-eyed dwarfs who have an apparent fascination with human reproduction, the ecological collapse of the planet, and anal probes.

One hundred years from now, that same something will most assuredly still be playing its games on the West Coast and just about everywhere else, too. But, by then, the Grays and the long-haired ones will be nothing but distant memories, and in their place will be time-travelers, inter-dimensional pixies, or something else of an equally spaced-out nature. The message, however – as well as the profound change that the experience causes in those who are exposed to it – will remain.

It’s interesting you mention Carr: he’s one who (although he may have believed his stories) I have no faith in – at all. I think he made it all up.

You wrote: “Presenting the contactee movement as more or less a religious one is probably the right way to think about it. It is wholly unrelated to actual experience with saucers and I think you know that.”

Yes, and that’s the theme of my book. This isn’t the place for me to hijack the thread for my own book promotion, but since you originally brought up my book in this thread, I’ll say this:

In the book, I do present the Contactee movement from somewhat of a religious movement, and one that -like all religions – can create a vice-like grip on its believers and that, like all religions, is utterly belief-driven in terms of its ideologies, and totally lacking in any sort of hard evidence.

And, as I have mentioned on the radio-shows about the book, the idea that the Contactees met literal, long-haired aliens from Venus, and who arrived in metal ships is in my opinion, ironically, the absolute least likely scenario. In fact, there’s no way Venus is the home to anything living and advanced.

But, there are certain subtleties that lead me to believe in the existence of something that has interacted with us for a very long time, and that may have been out in force in the deserts of California in the late 40s and 50s.

It may be literally alien in the sense that it’s non-human and unknown to us, but may not be alien in terms of extraterrestrial.

And the space-brother imagery is almost certainly a facade, an image, a false memory of an encounter with something else.

It’s the same phenomenon that has been responsible for everything from religious conversion, to Joseph Smith’s angel Moroni, to Orthon, etc etc.

One of the people I interviewed for my “Contactees” book was Colin Bennett (author of, among other books, “Looking for Orthon”), who stated the following, with which I would broadly agree:

“Many Orthons have appeared throughout history. The equivalents to Adamski’s Venusian ‘space brother’ have appeared on mountain tops, in deserts, and have appeared to walk on water, or fly in the sky. Their sole function is to sow seeds in the head; just as a farmer grows a particular crop. These seeds act on the imagination, which replicates and amplifies whatever story-technology is around at the time. People such as Adamski and the rest of the Contactees were, and still are, like psychic lightning – rods for certain brands of information. Deception and all its ramifications is the key to this whole business. This does not burst the bubble of the mystery, however; for manipulative levels of faction may well be our first clue as to how a possible alien mind might work. If the levels of deception of all kinds in human culture are anything to go by, [then] the range of such within an alien culture must be both multiple and profound. The ‘space-folk’ are sculptured by wars between rival viral memes competing for prime-time belief. It may be that, as an independent form of non-organic life, memes as active viral information can display an Orthon entity at a drop of a hat. [They] come complete with sets of cultural agendas. After they have rung the doorbell as it were, and the goods are sold, these metaphysical salesmen disappear like the traditional Men in Black, no doubt traveling on to seed other dreams in other towns and other heads. The goods we have unwittingly bought are half-formed memories of having met someone from another world.”

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