PsiOp Radio 123 – 100725

25 07 2010


PsiOp Radio 123 – 100725

UpComing Guests on PsiOp-Radio:

August 8th RETURN GUEST – Hank Albarelli Jr. talks more about …

… plus his recent articles on Morgellons, Dengue Fever and more!

August 15th Guest – Nick Redfern talks about his new book …

Contactees: A History of Alien-Human Interaction

We are not alone…and Nick Redfern can prove it.

Free Lecture with Nick Redfern in Austin, Texas, Saturday August 21st – MORE INFO

Last Minute Headlines…

Blow-Up Dam Meme Update

TexMex Border Issues

Obamana vs Bush = Same Sh!t

Gulf Crisis

Oceanographer John Kessler analyzes methane levels from oil spill site

‘million times higher than normal’… levels only seen during mass extinction events

Information Age Devolution

The War of Terror & Secret Prisons

We are ALL Terrorists Now

Deep Parapolitics, Covert Ops, Shadow Government

Farmers vs Big AgriCorps

Trillions and Trillions…

BioWar News

Activism & Justice Events

  • North American Truth and Accountability Commission Sets Sights on CIA and Pentagon Human Experimentation Programs

It Fell In Silence

911 Headlines

911 Conspiracy Consciousness Videos

The Color of Money

Global Economic Collapse News

SkyNet DroneWars

Laser Taser Report

The Race Card Game

Post Cold War Espionage

More Headlines


Freedom of Speech

Copycat Effects

Defective Defector

Surveillance Society plus the Googlefication of the Nation

The Horrors of the InterWebs

Police State Hypocrisy

Eugenics Headlines

War on SOME Drugs

UFO News

New Tech News

CryptoZoology News

Mad Science Headlines

Misc Paranormal News

Blue Rose Reports