PsiOp Radio 118 – 100613

13 06 2010

PsiOp Radio 118 – 100613

with Guest Jim Duensing, Libertarian Nevada Senate Candidate 2010 in the First Half-Hour


The Incident

Economic Terrorism

Korean Crisis

Austin / Feds / Israeli Criticism

South Carolina Shenanigans

Border / Drug War Madness

Whistleblower News

UFOs, Aliens and Beyond

Deep Politics / ParaPolitical News

Mind Kontrol

SkyNet DroneWars

Death Penalty … by Firing Squad

Drug War Side-Effects

Musical-Industrial-Complex Collapse?

Oil Spill / Conspiracy in the Gulf

DIY Resistance

Police State News

Israeli Attack on Aid Flotilla

Torture / Human Experimentation News

Justice & Accountability News

Misc Mysteries

Sinkhole News – no, I don’t mean our National Morality or Economy

Free Speech Taxation