PsiOp Radio 109 – 100314 with Guest Kenn Thomas

14 03 2010

PsiOp Radio 109 – 100314 with Guest Kenn Thomas

Kenn Thomas is founder, publisher and editor of Steamshovel Press, one of the world’s most respected alternative media publications. He is also one of America’s best known conspiracy writers and the author of seven published books on a variety of topics.

Thomas lectures widely and appears regularly on television and radio programs, including Fox News Full Nelson, Rob McConnell’s X-Zone, Sightings on the Radio, Strange Daze and Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell.

Books By Kenn Thomas include: Maury Island UFO, Inside the Gemstone File, Flying Saucers over Los Angeles, Mind Control, Oswald and JFK, NASA, Nazis and JFK, The Octopus, Popular Alienation

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