PsiOp Radio 107 – 100221 with Guest Skylaire Alfvegren

20 02 2010


PsiOp Radio 107 – 100221 with Guest Skylaire Alfvegren

Above: Skylaire with Mentor John Alva Keel

Skylaire Alfvegren & The League of Fortean Intermediatists

Skylaire Alfvegren has worked on cars for the Mexican mafia and roped cattle on the border of Area 51. Having witnessed her first UFO alongside Air Force personnel as a child, she began her writing career at seventeen with “File o’ the Damned,” a column of Fortean investigation for Fizz Magazine.

Not yet of legal drinking age, she was hired as a consultant for Strange Universe, the Fox Network’s nationally-syndicated “paranormal news program,” wrote regularly for the L.A. Weekly and built a laboratory to grow amanita muscaria.

Translated into nine languages and plastered helter skelter online, her gonzo reportage has appeared in countless magazines, books and journals. Descended from the Dark Elves of old Scandanavia, she is currently applying her vast knowledge of California – the esoteric, the dark, and the weird – to the small screen; and recently founded the League Of Western Fortean Intermediatists (L.O.W.F.I.).

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A selection of Skylaire’s original articles and essays, written for a book,

Weird Nevada, which catalogs many of the notable characters, fascinating creatures, weird historical events, legends, rumors and oddities contained within the boundaries of the land now known as Nevada, arguably the nation’s strangest state.

Giant Sloths
Lake Monster Sidebar
Pyramid Lake
Tahoe Monster
Walker Lake Monster
Airships, And Others
Charles Hall And The Tall White Aliens
Nevada UFO Roundup
The 1962 Las Vegas UFO Crash
Truman Bethurum’s Call To Clarion
UFO Crash At Ely

Above: Skylaire with Mentor John Alva Keel.

  1. “The Conspiracy Zone” …. Panelist (1 episode)
    … aka TNN’s Conspiracy Zone with Kevin Nealon (USA: complete title)
    We Never Went to the Moon (Unaired Pilot) (????) TV Episode …. Panelist
  2. Blood Slaves of the Vampire Wolf (1996) …. Cute girl in video store
  1. “Weird TV” …. Herself (1 episode, 1995)
  2. Reel Fall Out (1995) TV Episode …. Herself

PsiOp Radio 107 – 100221 with Guest Skylaire Alfvegren

News Links 100221

Andrew Joseph Stack – Stack’s Voicemail

“I never saw him in a bad mood or speaking negatively about anything or anyone”

“I have no way to relate to him as an angry human being”

“I can’t believe it’s the same person”

“He never let on that this was going on in his head”

Joe-Stack-Attack: Austin’s Mini-911

Victim in Austin Plane Attack Identified: Vernon Hunter


  • Simmering for decades, a Texas engineer’s grudge against the IRS explodes into suicidal flight
  • Attack on IRS part of long line of tax protesters
    Associated Press Writer Stephen Ohlemacher



  • Pirelli Building in Milan, April 2002 (reported as accident)
    A single propeller Rockwell Commander A112 piloted by a 68-year-old Swiss man hit the 26th floor of the 32 story Pirelli Tower (415ft/127m high) tower in an apparent accident at 5:48 pm, 18 minutes after take off. The crash killed the pilot and at least three other people. Sixty more people sustained injuries in the building and on the ground. The tower, located near Milan’s central train station, is one of the world’s tallest concrete buildings. … aly.milan/
  • 2007 Oct 19 Plane crashes into Richmond condo

  • Plane Crash 72nd and York NYC

  • Scene of Manhattan Plane Crash #1

  • RARE footage: Cory Lidle plane crash into NY skyscraper

Stack’s daughter from his first marriage, Samantha Dawn Bell, said the Web manifesto didn’t sound like the father she knew.
“It’s not him. The letter itself sounds like it’s coming from a different person,” she said in an interview from her home in Norway.

– quote may be found in paragraphs 10-11

Mr. Stack met Mr. Cook’s stepdaughter, the former Sheryl Housh, through musician friends in Austin. After eight months of friendship, they dated and married about three years ago. Both had been previously married.

Mrs. Stack, 50, listed in records at the University of Texas as a graduate student in music performance, brought her own back story to the marriage, having spent several years in the sway of a religious cult before her parents orchestrated a rescue.

On visits to Oklahoma, Mr. Stack took his new in-laws up in his plane. He never spoke of his troubles with the I.R.S., though his wife related them. The family assembled in Austin at Christmas, and Mr. Stack seemed fine, Mr. Cook said.

But in recent weeks Mrs. Stack complained to her parents of an increasingly frightening anger in her husband, straining the marriage, Mr. Cook said. On Wednesday night, Mrs. Stack took her 12-year-old daughter, Margaux, to a hotel to get away from her husband.

They returned on Thursday morning to find their house ablaze, their belongings destroyed. Officials said the house fire was deliberately set, casting Mr. Stack as the primary suspect. But by that point he was gone, airborne.

“This is a shock to me that he would do something like this,” Mr. Cook said. “But you get your anger up, you do it.”


Looking for …

  • – anyone seen a video where a news reporter quotes an eyewitness who saw the plane go in and supposedly described seeing the pilot looking “comatose”?
  • – anyone see/hear interview with Stack’s stepdaughter saying she believed the arson was caused by a person who was attacking her parents?
  • – anyone seen KXAN interview with a young Lexus driver whose car was supposedly clipped by the plane who says FBI agents helped him after the crash and they didn’t know what caused the fire and explosion and he told them it was a plane and they seemed surprised?

“They Come In Threes”

3 crashes in 5 days.

Raw Video: Deadly Plane Crash in N.J. (Feb. 14)


Two people are dead and three people are missing after a small plane

preparing to land crashed near a runway about 35 miles east of Trenton.

5 Dead in New Jersey Plane Crash
Monday, February 15, 2010

Audio: East Palo Alto plane crash
Audio: Gunshot spotter system captured East Palo Alto plane crash as it happened

San Jose Mercury News
The crash killed three employees of Silicon Valley electric-car maker Tesla Motors. No one on the ground was injured.
Warning: The audio files contain what may be disturbing sounds from the scene of the crash.

[I wonder if Austin’s gunshot detector microphone system caught the crash?]
Source: FBI Knew Austin Attack Was Coming … -coming-2/



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