PsiOp Radio 98 – 091129 with Guest Jerry E. Smith

29 11 2009

PsiOp-Radio Weather Warfare Special

PsiOp Radio 98 – 091129

Jerry E. SmithJoin Mack White and SMiles Lewis this Sunday night from 7-9pm CST as they welcome guest Jerry E. Smith to discuss his writing and research into the science and reality behind Weather Warfare and the implications of his research on Parapolitical Conspiracy, American Foreign Policy and the Climate Change debate. Tune in to American Freedom Radio via

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Aquapocalypse: Crisis Politics / Resources as Weapons / Weather Warfare

2005_09_23t125459_450x309_us_rita_leveesNational DNA Database

In 2006 and 2007, then, Senator Obama, filed legislation that would create a national DNA database. The same bill was filed by Sen. Patrick Kennedy in 2008 . The bills required parental consent, but all three died in the Senate.

Study finds support by some parents

Not everyone is opposed to collecting, storing and using DNA from the newborn screening program for later use. A study by the University of Michigan found that when asked for consent, only 24 percent of parents objected to using their newborns blood samples for research. That number jumped to 72 percent of parents who were somewhat or very unwilling when asked if the samples could be used without permission.

The Return of Facilitated Communication?

  • Car crash victim trapped in ‘coma’ for 23 years was conscious
  • State Secrets Privilege: The Puppets & Puppet Masters
    It’s Time to Get the Facts Straight

Freedom of Dissent and the Right to Travel

  • Amy Goodman Gets Brilliant Story Idea from Canadian Border Guards
    Amy Goodman and why her next Column is likely to be “The Police State North of the 49th Parallel” (Laugh, cry, but whatever you do, read on.)
  • Acid Free America?
  • Followup: Whatever Became of Andrew Feldmar?

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Duncan Axisa, President, Weather Modification Association
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2009 Documentary – Trailer Below…

From Director Robert Greene

Interviewees include: Stephen Schneider, Storm Field, Disgruntled Former Weatherman, Larry Hjermstad, Colorado’s Snow God, Andre Pennycooke, Ando Arike, Tommy Shearrer, Texas cloud seeder, Bill McKibben, Garret Keizer, Tom Wigley, James R. Fleming, weather historian, Daniel Quinn, author of Ismael, Mike Davis, author of Ecology of Fear, Ken Caldeira, Bill Mckibben and more…