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15 11 2009

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Juxtaposition Headlines (From a Listener)

Flu News

Mad Science & Weather Wars

Upcoming Guest: Jerry E. Smith – November 29th


“So what have we got? Dinosaurs? Demonic soul-reapers? Parallel globo-Nazis? Hyperspherical juggernaut-beings?”

“Anyone who has watched a TV, read any sci-fi or seen any movies will be well aware that hyperdimensional spacewarp wormhole portals don’t normally lead to anything boring like empty space, parallel civilisations where humanity lives in peace and harmony or anything like that.

Rather, it seems a racing cert that we’re looking here at an imminent visit from a race of carnivorous dinosaur-men, the superhuman clone hive-legions of some evil genetic queen-empress, infinite polypantheons of dark nega-deities imprisoned for aeons and hungering to feast upon human souls, a parallel-history victorious Nazi globo-Reich or something of that type.”

‘Something may come through’ dimensional ‘doors’ at LHC
Attack of the Hyperdimensional Juggernaut-Men

FLASHBACKS: School PsyOps for Shooters and Aliens and Crime

CenTex Traffic News

Racism Stupidity



Copycat Effects & The Fort Hood Shooter

Blackwater / Xe News

Police State / Surveillance Society


Global Empire News – Afghanistan

Peak Oil

Mind Kontrol

Aliens and UFOs

Propaganda and 911

Deep ParaPolitics

Blue Rose Reports


EMP Threats

Israel News

The War on SOME Drugs

  • The Story Behind “The Men Who Stare at Goats”
    By real-life psychic warrior Major Paul H. Smith (US Army, ret.)

    Date:     Saturday, November 21, 2009
    Time:     7:00pm – 9:00pm
    Location:     BookPeople (3rd Floor)
    Street:     603 N. Lamar Blvd.
    City/Town:     Austin, TX