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24 10 2009

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UFO Researcher and Author Mac Tonnies Passes

9-28-09  /   Host: George Noory

Author, blogger and Fortean researcher Mac Tonnies argued that the ET hypothesis (that aliens are visiting our world from other star systems) is somewhat of an outmoded concept, and the truth may be stranger than we can imagine, involving a myriad of overlapping explanations. The notion of parallel worlds has gained credence in the scientific world, and the aliens could represent a kind of symbiosis with beings from another dimension, he noted. The so-called ETs could be a species of intelligent non-humans, or “Cryptoterrestrials” (the title of his forthcoming book) who covertly share our planet with us. Because aliens are typically described as a bipedal and human-like species, it suggests to him they have developed here on Earth.

Yet, the prototypical alien– the spindly, big headed ‘grey,’ has the physique to be an ideal astronaut with few physical requirements– perhaps they were designed for space travel, Tonnies commented. Cultural associations also influence how the aliens are perceived. In Zimbabwe for instance, entities wearing silvery suits associated with metallic craft have been described as the “ghosts of ancestors,” he detailed. Regarding the alien’s reported hybridization program, we could be dealing with something beyond the understanding of our neurological hard-wiring, he said.

Tonnies sees humans themselves in a kind of transitional state, eventually merging with technology and becoming more evolved and compassionate. He also talked about how some of the artifacts on Mars, such as at Cydonia, are a genuine scientific mystery. While not yet definitive proof of ET presence, they merit serious study, he said.


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