PsiOp Radio 87 – 090830

29 08 2009

Officers ‘test their limits’ at Round Rock field training

PsiOp Radio 87 – 090830

Suspicious Deaths

Austin News


Iraq News

Blackwater News

CIA Torture Factory

Prison Industrial Complex and Torture

d3409us0Parapolitics and “Conspiracy Theory” Critics


FLASHBACK: Cyber-911 / InfoWars / War on the Internet


Flashback: PsiOp Radio 62 – 090111

More Cyber-911 Flashbacks:

Flashback: PsiOp Radio 69 – 090329 Cyber Espionage


AntiPoliceState News

cm-capture-1Taser Report

PoliceState News

Culture Wars / Drug Wars

American Imperialism

State Sovereignty

obaaaaaaaaamaQueers Against Obama

soto-menorPicture allegedly posted by “Airel Attack” at the QAO blog. Hat tip to RI forums.

Dying to Get In to Banker Heaven

“So, Allen Stanford is suddenly hospitalized with an irregular heartbeat and high pulse while awaiting trial
Bernie Madoff has cancer and is soon to die according to the NY Post and the Wall Street Journal;
and Ken Lay dies of a heart attack while awaiting sentencing.”

Obama Care / Health sCare

Swine Flu


Martial Law

Mad Science

Mass Mind Control

911 Miscellaneous

Climate Wars


Blue Rose Reports


China’s Death Buses Deliver Executions, Organ Harvesting On the Go

Organ Harvest



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