PsiOp Radio 86 – 090823

23 08 2009


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PsiOp Radio 86 – 090823


Central Texas Parapolitical News

Local Fusion Center Debate

  • Austin City Council Meeting 8/6/2009 Item #9: Austin Regional Intelligence Center
  • Police, sheriffs establishing regional intelligence center
  • Fusion Center Encourages Improper Investigations Of Lobbying Groups And Anti-War Activists
    A Texas fusion center’s “Prevention Awareness Bulletin” made public last night is the latest example of inappropriate police intelligence operations targeting political, religious and social activists for investigation.
  • ACLU Releases New Report on Government “Fusion Centers”
    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) today released a report outlining serious concerns about new institutions called ?fusion centers,? which have been created in over 40 states around the nation ? including Texas.
  • ACLU Encouraged as House Passes HB 13
    House Bill 13, which includes the controversial criminal intelligence database called TDEx, passed the Texas House today. The bill had received a flurry of attention as a border security bill and for putting the massive database into the Governor?s hands.

Police State / Surveillance Society / Torture News


Taser Report

Blackwater Scandal Continues

War Is Crime

Swine Flu / Big Brother / Microchips

Global Economy


Mad Science

SkyNet / Tech-News-World-Order

More Parapolitical News


911 News





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