Flashback / Best Of … PsiOp-Radio Videos

17 08 2009

Even before my friend (and PsiOp-Radio fan) Brian Worsham started making short video-clips composed of choice moments from past PsiOp-Radio show episodes, I’d been wanting to experiment with my own video montages. Well, after several attempts at getting the export compression just right I was finally able to upload this half-way decent quality version of this past show in which Mack and I talk about the various ARGs making news in May of 2009.

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“Top Secret Conspiracy” – I reported about this during the live Mother’s Day broadcast of the weekly radioshow I co-host with Mack White (PsiOp Radio). Disney commissioned a viral marketing campaign to promote their Monsters vs Aliens movie by having a series of strange news sites circulating news articles and videos reporting on aliens, the paranormal and conspiracy theories. The tone of the sites are certainly not going to confuse anyone with whether the material is fact or fiction.

However, in classic ridiculing fashion the main news hub site, TopSecretConspiracy.com, successfully comes off as a kooky paranoid website and in one of the site’s Expose Your Truth videos, attempts to smear, by not-so-subtle association, former Presidential candidate Ron Paul by linking him with conspiracy and UFOs.

The main character behind the TSC website, “Jeffrey Freedman,” produces investigative videos. In this particular one we are shown “amateur footage” at an office going-away party (like that in the movie Cloverfield – that also had it’s own ARG / revolutionstickerviral campaign). During “Jeffrey Freedman’s” bookend commentary sequences you can clearly see part of a “RON PAUL REVOLUTION” bumper sticker with just the “VOLUTION” portion showing but featuring the telltale backwards letter L and characteristic red on black stencil script. The sticker is layered on top of a background covered with several UFO related pictures including what is probably an aerial photograph of Area 51. Thus you have the linking of a kooky conspiracy nut / UFO buff with the Ron Paul Revolution. Then again, that is exactly what could be said about my own online presence.