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28 06 2009
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“Tasmania produces about 40 percent of the world’s medicinal opium poppies”

AusTex CenTex News

Iran News

“This newsletter announces a new article I just published on the Green Revolution and the question whether it is entirely sponteneaous. The uprising in Iran has reminitions of non violent and violent actions by the west to overthrow governments. In the article (part 1 of 2) I quote from my book (in Dutch) on the preparations for a war against Iran. The article will be online in an English translation as soon as possible. Check back soon.”          – Daan de Wit

General Parapolitical News

Globalism & Bilderberg

  • Bilderberg 2009 Report from American Free Press

Global Economic Warfare

Federal Reserve and Ron Paul

Fomenting World War 3?

Aquapocalypse / Aquapocalypto

Police State / Surveillance Society

Deep Throat

Tyranny is the Health of the State / Tyranny FOR the Health of the State



2012 Presidential Race

artjacksonfailwhaleraulorozcoMad Science

911 & Terrorism

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Copycats at Twilight and Out of Place Animals


“Billy Cox doesn’t think much of journalism’s 20th-century giants, at least not in comparison with Edward R. Murrow, the legendary CBS newsman. Cox looks back at how Murrow filed his report on UFOs back on April 7, 1950, and helped validate as a mainstream issue what were then known as flying saucers.”

Cultural Mind Kontrol

Bizarre, Fortean, Weird


The Passing of Idols