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4 04 2009

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Meanwhile in Austin, Texas …

“I just have a lot of concern,” said Jimmy Gardner, 47, who wore a T-shirt that said “Tyranny Response Team” to a pre-forum rally. “The right not to self-incriminate is one of the most fundamental rights of the American jurisprudence system.”

Police Chief Art Acevedo said he wants Austin officers to be taught how to draw blood during traffic stops.

UT The Daily TexanAfter prolonged discussion and with a 21-10 vote, the state Senate passed a measure Monday allowing police to establish sobriety checkpoints throughout
AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF – March 31 – After a lively debate, the state Senate on Monday tentatively approved a measure that would allow police to establish sobriety checkpoints for the first time in 15 years.
CBS 42Mar 31, 2009 – Anger was high Monday night in the debate over the police department’s policy to draw blood if they suspect someone of driving while intoxicated and they
News 8 AustinMar 31, 2009 – Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) held a forum at City Hall Monday, regarding Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo’s plans for blood draws. video 1 / video 2
UT The Daily TexanMar 31, 2009 – Austin City Council candidate Sam Osemene participates in a public forum on police blood withdrawals Monday afternoon at City Hall.
Texas Cable NewsMar 30, 2009 – By NOELLE NEWTON / KVUE News A public forum on APD’s “no refusal” initiatives turned into a fiery debate Monday night. People packed the council chambers to
MyFox AustinMar 30, 2009 – myFOXaustin (AUSTIN) – Monday night many Austinites gathered at city hall to participate in forum on APD’s blood draw policy. Chief Art Acevedo wants to

PsiOp Radio 70 – 090405

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