PsiOp Radio 56 – 080916

16 09 2008

PsiOp Radio: Spy Drone Over Austin?

PsiOp Radio returns tonight, live, with an exclusive report: two eyewitnesses have reported to me that last night at 3 am a strange aircraft matching the description of a Predator drone was seen circling over north Austin. My co-host SMiles Lewis and I will discuss the details of this disturbing incident, as well as a bunch of other news stories tonight starting at 7 pm CDT / 0100 UTC. The show is two hours long and is carried on Anomaly Radio and Revere Radio. Don’t miss it, and be sure to call in. We’d love to hear from you …

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2 responses to “PsiOp Radio 56 – 080916”

17 09 2008
dave_ohio (18:10:06) :

The “new techniques and operators” compared to the Manhattan Project could also be a Tactical High Energy Laser:

It’d scare the sh*t out of me !

26 07 2009
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