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2 09 2008
Big SHOUT OUT to all the folks at Jeff Wells’ Rigorous Intuition forums for the crazy image above and the many important news articles covered on the show.

More News Headlines:

Mack talked about his intuitive synchronicity and the mystery of The Man Who Jumped from the SH 45 Flyover.

FLASHBACK: Man dies in fall from Ben White-Interstate 35 flyover

Ike Pappas, 75, who broadcast Oswald death, has died – Covered murder of Oswald by Ruby live.

Cover Story: The Unraveling Of The Bigfoot Hoax by Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman

Buffalo Police batter their way into wrong houseFamily of 8 traumatized by officers’ behavior; officials admit error made but defend actions.

Armed with a battering ram and shotguns, Buffalo police looking for heroin broke down the door and stormed the lower apartment of a West Side family of eight.

The problem is that the Wednesday evening raid should have occurred at an apartment upstairs.

And, that’s only the tip of the iceberg, according to Schavon Pennyamon, who lives at the mistakenly raided apartment on Sherwood Street with her husband, Terrell, and six children.

Pennyamon alleges that after wrongly breaking into her apartment, police proceeded to strike her epileptic husband in the head with the butt end of a shotgun and point shotguns at her young children before admitting their mistake and then raiding the right apartment.

She says she’s left with a broken door, an injured husband, jittery children and — what bothers her most — still no apology from police.

Buffalo Police Recruits Getting Tased – A Sickening Rite of Passage

From earlier this year another story … this time the residents fought back with bullets…

I-TEAM: Investigating Police Raid At Wrong House

The I-TEAM tracked the 17 hours that led up to the raid.

(With the help of his attorney to translate, Khang walked through his house, showing where he fired shots as the officers were coming in the house and where the SWAT officers returned fire.)


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