PsiOp Radio 51 – 080701

1 07 2008


PsiOp Radio 080701

Pentagon – Hollywood: who runs the show?

The Pentagon and Propaganda.(war movies)(Buyers Guide)(Brief Article)

The cartoon that came in from the cold,,908925,00.html

Hollywood and the CIA: The Spook Stays in the Picture
News: Charlie Wilson’s War is only the latest in a string of movies brought to you by CIA insider Milt Bearden.
By Laura Rozen / December 13, 2007


Police, Firefighters, Utility Workers Among Hundreds Trained as “Terrorism Liaison Officers”

APA & CIA Study Deception to Help Undercover Police

Psilocybin research results

Bill Hicks – Positive Drug Story

AT&T billing site makes jokes about company’s participation in warrantless wiretapping?

The Billboard Q&A: Neil Young

The Heller Misdirection

Fortis Bank predicts US Financial market meltdown within weeks

Mercury fillings ARE dangerous say regulators – but British health bosses still refuse to take action–British-health-bosses-refuse-action.html

“Some Guests Left Wearing Strange, Featureless Human Masks”