PsiOp Radio 49 – 080617

17 06 2008


 Chinese company develops UFO: report

Real Flying Saucer Tech Flies From Air Force Research (w/trailer)
By John Scott Lewinski June 12, 2008

Sarah Connor Has Failed — the British Just Built Skynet

Only Flash Gordon Can Save Us In Iraq

A Battle To The Death, In A Totalitarian New-Wave Nightmare (video)

Make Your Own Cloverfield, For ABC’s Fucked-Future Documentary (video)

Whitley’s Journal: A New Chance Friday June 13th, 2008

In Russia, sometimes it rains cement | Reuters

AP to meet with blogging group to form guidelines: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

Disclosure Project Press Conference, Denver Colorado, July 9th

Deadly flooding keeps Iowans from homes –

10 Shocking Facts About Global Slavery in 2008

Not guilty plea in Internet suicide case –

The American Conservative – June 2, 2008 Issue
The Spy Who Loves Us: Pay no mind to the Mossad agent on the line. by Philip Giraldi

The Associated Press: Search for hedge-fund crook despite suicide note

Conspiracy theories abound as corruption trial fails to get on track

Killer Dad Said He Had To Get The Demons Out and

League Of Western Fortean Intermediatists (L.O.W.F.I.), exploring Southwestern mysteries

Congressional Committee Begins Work On A 600 Million Bill That Could Help APD

Washington, DC, Puts Itself Under Surveillance
Published on Monday, June 16, 2008 by The Los Angeles Times

Philly-PoliceState: The cops came, searched and left a mess for puzzled homeowner

John McCain: Married to the Mob

Lords Told Hacker Should Not Be Extradited
Source: The Guardian – London, UK

VIDEO (21 minutes) “Don’t Talk to the Police” by Officer George Bruch

Official: Fire at Texas Governor’s Mansion may have been politically motivated

Police Officers Are Upset That TSA Screeners Will Be Wearing Bogus Badges As
They Harass And Intimidate Passengers

Denver prepares for DNC, with guns

Military choppers fly over Denver during top secret drill

Denver Hospitals Hold “Disaster Drill”

V.A. Using Iraq Vets as Guinea Pigs in Drug Tests

Dystopian Science Fiction Can Save The World, According To You

From a listener:

Radio talk show host calls for murder of anti-war activist

Blogger arrests hit record high

Report: Pentagon misled Congress on NORAD threat

And finally, the war on veterans continues:

(Video) ‘Disposable Heroes’: Veterans Used To Test Suicide-Linked Drugs

Next week:  Guest Walter Bosley

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19 06 2008
James A. Burt (20:38:00) :

In regards to UFOs, google Thomas Townsend Brown.