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Public School Teacher, Students Vote Autistic Kid Out of Class

Ubiquitous Computing May Build Ultimate Surveillance Society

Scientists warn of bird flu epidemic

Brit MPs: Every adult should be forced to carry ‘carbon ration
cards’ (video)

ABC website tells kids when they should die,25642,23765244-5014239,00.html

McCain heckled during non-proliferation speech (video)

“North American Parliament” Meets At Integration Forum

Top Source Says Bush To Strike Iran By August
Asia Times says two U.S. Senators already briefed on attack plan

Vet Faces Lawsuit For Flying AMERICAN FLAG…

Feds Force Absurd Requirements on States to Get Anti-TerrorismCash States Chafing at U.S. Focus on Terrorism

Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation

Obama Assassination Talk:

Remark About RFK Keeps Clinton on the Defensive

Shocking Fox News video: Guest chuckles over killing Osama, Obama

The Assassination Of Barack Hussein Obama…Can It Be Stopped?

Next “Terrorist” Incident:

Spooks Promise Terror Attack for New President

Police State News:

Meddlesome Businessman Gets Woman Busted for DUI

Washington State Residents the Most Recent Victims of Homeland Security

The Global Economy Grinding Down By Roger Baker


Chairman of the Sunset Advisory Commission illegally pays wife
with campaign donations

“TxDOT has failed to comply with the federal law and federal implementing regulations.”

General McCaffrey now Chairman of HNTB pushes TTC

TxDOT on the TTC and CDA’s: “The Legislature will find a way to get comfortable with this idea and find a way to do business in this manner.”

TxDOT tries to bridge rifts with Texans in Congress

Everything You Need To Know About Sen. Kirk Watson’s Coming Freeway Tolls (Phase II Tolls)

Tolling Troubles Multiply Worldwide

UPDATE: TxDOT Executive Director, With Ties to Indicted, To Resign Within the Year, Says Source.

Perry Scheming For Special Session to Kill 391 Commissions?

Cryptomundo – Titanic Mission Mirrors Cryptozoo Spying

The British Occult Secret Service – New Dawn Magazine

Post-War Suicides May Exceed Combat Deaths, U.S. Says –

The Political Consequences of Child Abuse – James Orlin Grabbe Obit

BBC NEWS – Peacekeepers ‘abusing children’

FBI investigates Continental pilots encounter with rocket – – Houston Cronicle

NASA Probe Lands on Mars to Search for Signs of Life – News

US residents in military brigs? Govt says it’s war – Yahoo! News

Quakes can be triggered from other side of globe: study

Unmarked chopper patrols NY city from high above

Flashback: The cartoon that came in from the cold –

Schoolboy avoids prosecution for branding Scientology a cult –

Send in the Marines! (With Iris Scanners!) – Danger Room from

Fingerprint Registry in Housing Bill –

Texas seizure of polygamist-sect kids thrown out – Yahoo News

Moles Wanted by FBI to Infiltrate RNC Protestors

US soldier refuses to serve in illegal Iraq war

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare

E-mail ‘bloodbath’ threat paralyzes Mexican city