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23 04 2008


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First Hour: Mack and SMiles talk about Rev. Doyle Davidson, the CPS raids in Texas, Mack’s Father’s experience of his church being taken over by criminals, horrific child murder and much more.

Second Hour: Suicide or Murder – Riad Hamad found dead in Lady Bird Lake in Austin.

Doyle Davidson on his slut “wife” Lisa

Doyle Davidson follower cuts off arms of own child

Al-CIAda Sock Puppet Zawahiri Claims Iran Behind 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Food Shortages Or Globalist Depopulation Agenda?

Out of the Way, Peasants
Steven Greenhut / Lew Rockwell

North American Union: PR Was Focus of Recent Secret Meeting of the SPP

“Special Cloak of Protection” for California Cops, Bureaucrats

NY appeals court: Whitman not liable in Sept. 11 air case

Rupert Murdoch Firm Hired Hackers To Sabotage Rival, Lawsuit Alleges

Huffington Post

Double number of ex-cons join the U.S. army

U.S. military targets Southeast Colorado

José Can You See? Bush’s Trojan Taco

Location of Mass Graves Revealed

Arrest in polygamy call stuns child advocates | …

Sitting Out the Obama Dance in Iowa City

Man Found Dead in Lake Claimed FBI Tracked Him (Austin) (video reports)

Publication in a Peer-reviewed Civil Engineering Journal!

CU’s 4/20 pot smoke-out draws crowd of 10,000
Police issue zero tickets during annual marijuana celebration

Marijuana ticket law only catching on in Austin area
Law designed to free jail space not used elsewhere in Texas as prosecutors question propriety

Bardot on trial for allegedly inciting anti-Muslim hatred – Yahoo! News

Feds to collect DNA from every person they arrest – Yahoo! News

HIV: The Virus That Discriminates By Race – HIV/AIDS Skepticism

‘Cosmic Message’ Prompts US-EU Crackdown on Religious Cults – WhatDoesItMean.Com



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