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10 04 2008

DHS Shenanigans:
Homeland Ministry Plans Raytheon “Ray Guns” at Airports
Torture Bracelet To Control Dissenting Americans?  (VIDEO)
DHS ignores civil liberties in domestic spy satellite plan, lawmakers
1 in every 350 Americans is considered a possible “terrorist”

Global Warming:
Los Angeles considers global warming tax
BBC Caught Editing Story To Appease Global Warming Lobbyist
No Global Warming Since 1998 As Planet Cools Off

Paul Lectures Bernanke: U.S. Moving Towards Fascism (VIDEO)
Ventura Cites 2nd Amendment During Revolution Talk (VIDEO)
Uganda: U.S. Army Set to Recruit Citizens
The Assassination of Robert Kennedy  (VIDEO)

The disturbing ties of some of George W. Bush’s Latino advisors
(From the year 2000)

Scheuer: CIA Threatened 9/11 Commissioners

US Army toyed with telepathic ray gun – tech – 21 March 2008 –
New Scientist Tech

That article will go well with rementioning my own article on
same and this…

Police arrest suspect after attack at lecture –

U.S. Cred at Stake in Miami Terrorism Trial

Nuclear War performed by Yo La Tengo Written by Sun Ra (music

Toller Sen. Kirk Watson Didn’t Do His Homework – Again!

Are Psychological Operations (PSYOPs) Used to Influence Public
Opinion of UFOs?

TSA deploys airport behavior screeners – Yahoo! News

To the untrained eye, the man looked like any other traveler as
he waited in line at Kennedy Airport. But something about the
way he was acting caught the attention of two security

The Other Side of Truth: UFOs and Municipal politics

Serious Business: Anonymous Takes On Scientology –
The telephone rings, and a voice on the other end says that
Anonymous is in crisis mode. It’s March 13, two days before
Anonymous’ second protest against the Church of Scientology, and
things are starting to get serious. Rumors abound that

There are many interesting UFO-related reports, rumors,
sightings and documents. Among these is an alleged 1954 U.S.
military training manual for special operations. The alleged
manual is titled “SOM1-01 Special Operations Manual:
Extraterrestrial Entitie

Bin Laden Took Part in 1986 Arms Deal, Book Says – Washington

Osama bin Laden flew to London in 1986 to help negotiate the
purchase of Russian-made surface-to-air missiles to be used by
Arab fighters then battling the Soviet military in Afghanistan,
according to a new book on the bin Laden family.

Farrukh Khan Pitafi – NeoCon, CIA Gameplan: Assassination of
Bush, Invasion of Pakistan?
We were taught in the theories of international relations that
democracies do not go to war. That notion however somehow seems
lost in the erratic behaviour of the US administration regarding
Pakistan. During the eight year long dictatorship in this count

History Unfolding: Review of The Road to Dallas

There have been so many analyses, fantasies and theories devoted
to the assassination of John F. Kennedy that anything purporting
itself as a fresh perspective runs the risk of suffocation.
Anything less than a smoking gun — or two — will cause many

RETROSPECTIVE – 2008 from Mike Ruppert
March 24, 2008 – I have owed you this update for a long time.
Things have evolved so much and so relentlessly that there was
no solid ground on which to plant my feet, take a look around
and tell you what I saw with a steady gaze. I can do that now. – FBI Focusing on ‘About Four’ Suspects in 2001
Anthrax Attacks,2933,342852,00.html