PsiOp Radio 19 – 071002

2 10 2007

Warning: S-word

Probable Topics for Tonight’s Show:

February 2005: “… Also on the agenda is consideration of a contract to buy another 90 Tasers for the Austin Police Department – in light of recent Taser controversies (here and elsewhere), this item may get more scrutiny than anticipated (see p.22). And several El Concilio members are signed up to raise sand against the pending Transit-Oriented Development Ordinance – Joe Quintero’s registration reads, “The legacy and history of Council Member Raul Alvarez on the Austin City Council will be that of assisting Anglo Liberal Council [to] accelerate the gentrification and displacement of poor Mexican-American Homeowners from their homes in East Austin.” And a very good day to you, too….”

In an image from an Austin Police Department video camera, Cpl. Thomas O’Connor is shown using a Taser stun gun on motorist Eugene Snelling during a traffic stop on MoPac Boulevard (Loop 1) last Thanksgiving. and shown here is of the subject being tased by austin police officer Cpl. Thomas O’Connor on MoPac near Barton Creek Mall. Eugene Snelling is the subject and he is falling to the ground here as he is shocked.

‘I kept on saying, ‘I don’t understand why you’re treating me like this. Are you having a bad day? This is Thanksgiving. I’m sorry if you’re not with your family,’ … And the next minute, I’m being Tased.’ — Eugene snelling, was Tasered by Austin police officer