PsiOp Radio 17 – 070911

11 09 2007

Alex Jones calls into his show and talks to Bob Dacy about today’s New York City 9/11 Truth actions on the 6th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

News 8 Austin

News 8 Austin, TX – 9 hours ago
Take on Traffic, is the Greater Austin Chamber’s pro-toll road initiative arguing Central Texas needs toll roads to solve the region’s “mobility crisis. …

KVUE (subscription)

KXAN-TV, TX – Sep 10, 2007
Do you think we should add toll lanes to existing roads? What other ways could we ease traffic congestion? Share your thoughts in our feedback forum below.

590 KLBJ News Radio, TX – 15 hours ago
The toll road battle heats up at the state capitol as local lawmakers try to decide how many more roads should be tolled. More than 120 people signed up to …

590 KLBJ News Radio, TX – Sep 10, 2007
A state lawmaker says it’s wrong for the state to spend tax dollars to convince taxpayers to support toll roads. San Antonio State Representative David …

Was a Covert Attempt to Bomb Iran with Nuclear Weapons foiled by a Military Leak?

WTKR Your NewsChannel 3, VA Aug 27, 2007
The sound of smoke bombs, missile sirens, and roaring jets are spilling from Langley Air Force Base this week. In a way, the base has become a war zone. …

WAVY-TV, VA Sep 6, 2007
The Air Force says the service’s Air Combat Command has ordered all jet fighters and bombers to remain grounded so airmen can review safety procedures and …

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